electric windows - Citroen ZX - PaulF
My wife has an eleven year old Citroen ZX which has developed a fault with the electric front windows and the sunroof - one day they work, the next they don\'t and so on.
I\'ve checked the fuses and cleaned the earth connections,but is there anything else I should be looking for?

I\'m keen to sort this out as I can foresee a Hamlet cigar-like situation in the local car wash in the near future!
electric windows - MS
Have you checked for dampness in the switches?

My XM had the switch for the sunroof mounted above the rear view mirror.

When it rained hard a small leak in the sunroof area caused a short in the switch and the roof opened!!!

If not damp, is there power at the switches? Are the switches passing power when closed?
electric windows - Cyd
Disconnect, clean and reconnect all connectors, not just earths.

try a 2ndhand switch pack - faulty solder joint on the boards?
electric windows - Hugo {P}
Those switches in your ZX are the same as in my Xantia.

I had problems with the steering wheel switches for the radio. Cleaned up a treat.

"Signature? I have to think of that as well??

electric windows - sean
Hello PaulF,

I have no idea about your particular car. I work for a competitor company. I would still like to help you.

When your car operates it's windows, what do you think the electrical route is?

How do the electrons get to the door? Please start at the battery and end at the door motor.

What is the only area of movement which is not electrical here?

Kindly, think about this for 24 hours before reading on.

When you open and close your driver's door, the wiring gets stretched. If you check this wiring, and find a fault, please reconnect and write to DD and Mark (RLBS) and tell them what a superb resource the site really is.

Please credit Rob the bus, Renault Family and volvoman. I wouldn't be here now, but for them and you would not have got your problem solution either, would you?

Your wire in the door, next to the hinge, is broken.
The feed also powers your sunroof.When it connects, they work. When not, they don't.
electric windows - PaulF
Sean,Rob the bus, Renault Family and volvoman,

Many thanks for the advice concerning the windows/sunroof problem. You were spot on. The wire was indeed broken. Problem solved!

At last I can clean the car now!
electric windows - sean
We all like it when somebody takes the trouble to write back here.

This is the whole point of the backroom. HJ provides a service you wouldn't get anywhere else, IMHO.

I hope we helped you.

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