Volvo 740 brakes - Peter
The time is rapidly approaching when I will have to change the front disks. The car is a saloon, 1997cc "F" reg but an '89 model.

In theory, the disks should just slide over the hubs but I've been told by a supplier that the car might have disks combined with the hub. Is it easy to tell one type from the other without going to the extreme of dismantling the front end. If it is the latter do I have to buy new bearings etc?

Thank you in anticipation
Volvo 740 brakes - Cliff Pope
If the disk is detachable then there should be 2 small screws holding it on to the hub. This will be apparent when you remove the wheel. At least the 240 is like that, so I assume the same.
If they are one-piece then you could carefully extract the bearings and re-use in the new unit.
Even if the disks are detachable they may be very tight. You need to apply good leverage but avoid bending the flimsy shield plate. Also it can be tricky making the new disk sit squarely on the hub. The mating sections need to be very clean and freed from burrs.Check very carefully for run-out by watching the disk in the caliper as you turn it slowly.


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