universal supercharger kit. - chris watson
i have found a universal supercharger kit, which you can put onto any make of car, i am going to buy one for a lada riva, that should make the car interesting???

anyway, the kit is from a place called "the need for speed", and i will find out the website.
Re: universal supercharger kit. - David Woollard
A mate of mine at work used to have a Reliant Robin. One day we were looking at it in the lunch hour under the bonnet and noticed the heater blower pipe to the interior was about the same size as the carb inlet. We connected it up and he gave it a go up the road. Before it only did 6o but if you put the heater fan up to max it went 75mph.

I never thought it was safe at that speed with only three wheels.

There are some Reliants in the scrapyard near us so I could get anyone a fan if they wanted.
Re: universal supercharger kit. - Andy Bairsto
there is no such thing as a proper as you call it a universal supercharger if there where I would not have spent 8000ukp on one for my corvette and niether would anybody else.I do not nowhat you are buying but it aint a supercharger
Re: universal supercharger kit. - Mark (Brazil)
Need for Speed is a game from EA. There is a universal supercharger available for this enabling the game to run much faster - see www.ea.com Need for Speed II.

Confused were you ?
Re: universal supercharger kit. - chris watson
i dont think this is a game, as its costing £1500, and "need for speed" is a place that just sells car performance parts on the web, i will get the website in about ten minutes.
i have found the website. - chris watson
the website is www.needforspeed.co.uk and then click on the "enter" button, then go into motor sport parts. a universal supercharger for £1500.
Re: universal supercharger kit. - Alex. L. Dick
A likely story.

If you want to blow through the carburettor you have to pressurize the whole thing; otherwise you will be blowing back through the jet(s) rather than sucking through them.

Mercedes, of all people, did that up to 1937, for various reasons including part time blowing of the road cars, with the blower clutched in on fully depressing the throttle pedal. On the W125 engine of that year they changed to sucking through (as others had been doing since about 1924) and gained 18% in b.m.e.p, or in effect torque, due to the charge cooling obtained by vaporization of some of the alcohol fuel.

If you are going to blow your Robin, carburettor outboard - preferably two stage with intercooler, and methanol fuel.

And check the aerodynamics!

Cheers, Alex
Re: universal supercharger kit. - Mark
A Hairdryer stuffed and taped into the inlet manifold would have much the same effect on a Lada.

Don't do it pushrod engines are not designed for revs.

as ever

Re: universal supercharger kit. - David Woollard

What about the offset of the honda genny in the boot to get 240v power for the hair dryer, perhaps Ladas have 240v alternators.

Alex is right because my mate had a few teething troubles with the Reliant setup but I think we were working in the right direction.

Re: universal supercharger kit. - Mark

thanks for this the weight of the generator will obviously outweight the benefit of the hairdryer;

methinks we need another source of hot, blown air, any ideas?

as ever

Re: universal supercharger kit. - Andy Bairsto
American big block v8s with push rods achieve upto 1000bhp and the new versions ie.Lingenfelter covettes are achieving much more.Overhead camms are very rare in the states
Basic V8s. - David Woollard

You might not have seen this post (part pasted below) of mine on another thread re the Rover P6 V8.

"I'll never forget buying the first of the V8s. It was a trade sale and just running with no power. The problem was a common one in that the cam lobes were badly worn with some nearly back to round. All it needed was a new camshaft/lifters and it ran like a dream. Starting it up the first time after the rebuild was really something. Gunning the engine at a standstill would make the car twist on the suspension with torque reaction. Then that burble as you drove away, very very nice."

If only we could afford to fuel such excesses now.

Re: universal supercharger kit. - Mark

my experience with pushrod engines is limited to british products of smaller capacity.

I owned a number of british bikes in my younger days, BSA C15, Triumph Daytona 500 and a few cars (bangers admittedly) a BMC Mini and Morris 1100. All had pushrod engines and none survived my youthful tertosterone crazed need to rev the engines.

The fastest way to kill any of these engines was by revving them.

BSAs were worst full revs could lead to an engine rebuild every 4/5000 miles.

No wonder the Jap OHCs took over so easily.
Re: universal supercharger kit. - Stuart B

Source of hot air might dry up due to forthcoming geography homework demands...............think about it.

Re: universal supercharger kit. - John Slaughter
Nothing to do with them being push rod engines. Basic problem was that the main components were not up to the revs, plus the fact that many operated on very small oil capacities. Whilst push rod engines generally won't be able to achieve such high rotational speeds, they are not inherently less durable because of it.


Re: universal supercharger kit. - Mark

Thanks for explanation, not questioning general durability of pushrod engines especially if used within their design limits, merely making the point that revving them to excess is a good way of killing them as Chris is likley to find out if he supercharges one.

Take your point about OHCs never killed a Honda M/C through revving, but sure killed many british bikes.

as ever

Re: universal supercharger kit. - Darcy Kitchin
One of the advantages that the Citroëns Dyane & Ami had over the 2cv was that they took their induction air from the cooling fan shroud which ran at a higher pressure than atmospheric, thereby giving a power increase probably measured in nanowatts.

Does this count as a supercharger or do you think one of those 12v hairdryer things that you get in lifestyle mags for defrosting your windscreen might work better?
Re: universal supercharger kit. - Mark (Brazil)

Actually, the other thing you see in those lifestyle mags is those little hand held battery fans for cooling yourself off.

Couldn't you just wedge one of those into the air intake ? You could put a rechargeable battery in it and wire it straight into the car battery to ensure it remained charged all the time.

Course, it wouldn't be very flexible and you would have to be sure you got it the right way round or you'd suck all the exhaust cases back from the exhaust pipe.
Re: universal supercharger kit. - David Woollard

Just interested in a fair comparison.

Option 1.

Universal All Makes

Part No. ROTREX1
Engine size (litres) 1.0-2.0
Price £1,785.00 (All Prices exclude VAT and fitting)

Option 2.

Reliant heater fan (local scrappy).

£5 cash and a biscuit for the alsation.

It's a tough choice for the older car owner.

Re: universal supercharger kit. - Mark (Brazil)
clarification please, Dave...

what type of biscuit ? see, they're not all equally appealing and you wouldn't want to use the wrong one.
Re: universal supercharger kit. - Stuart B
And David he could always plumb it in with that toilet roll inner, oh sorry that got sold didn't it Chris.
ENOUGH JOKES. - chris watson
enough jokes about me and my car, i like what i drive and thats all that matters, it must be one of only a few cars that you can fix yourself.
Re: ENOUGH JOKES. - David Woollard
That's rather what we've been thinking for a while now chris.

Re: ENOUGH JOKES. - John Slaughter
You drive a Lada and you LIKE it?

You should get out more!


Re: ENOUGH JOKES. - Ashley
I drive a Landcrab and i enjoy it ! It's got pas, and doesn't require the clutch depressing every time i want to change gear. I get some stick of some/most of my workmates, but i laugh when they tell me that they owned one years ago.

It does 30 odd to a gallon and costs under 200 quid a year to insure on a classic car policy with my brother as an added driver. All it needed for its mot was a flexi brake hose, plus it needed a fan belt, and i got that free off the spares chap in the Landcrab club.

Let them scoff while we enjoy ourselves be it a Lada or whatever we choose to drive. If we all drove the same car it'd be a pretty boring traffic jam 'eh ?


Re: ENOUGH JOKES. - chris watson
the landcrabs are decent cars, i think its the current practical classics magazine has an article about them.
Re: universal supercharger kit. - Darcy Kitchin

Don't forget to inform your insurers when you have this device fitted. I'm sure I don't need to remind you may also need uprated suspension, brakes, horn, stereo and sunglasses to cope with the extra performance ;-)
Re: upgrades - Mark
Hi Darcy

It is a Lada, easiest to list the components that will not need an upgrade.

as ever

Re: universal supercharger kit. - Dave
chris watson wrote:
> i have found a universal supercharger kit, which you can put
> onto any make of car, i am going to buy one for a lada riva,
> that should make the car interesting???

You're onto a sure fire winner here!

BTW. For some time now I've beeen selling some magic beans which I grow in my Garden.

I'd be prepared to let you have some at a good rate... Interested?
Re: universal supercharger kit. - Piers
Fit a larger capacity engine, I think a Riva is front engine and rwd so get a 1.4, 1.6 or 1.8 Rover K (about £200 - £800), a caterham Rover to Ford bell housing (~£300) and a ford five speed box out of a sierra (£0 - £500). Bit of measuring and hammer work should make it fit. Certainly easier than correctly rigging up a supercharger. Bolt on two twin choke webers. Nice light engine and cheaper than a supercharger. I think V8 Rover engines have been squeezed in - it might even be lighter than the existing engine.

A supercharger takes a few hp to pump the air into the engine, not sure how many HP a Reliant Robin heater fan is but I'd thought about using a small single cylinder two stroke engine giving about 5 or 6 hp (and a nice big plenum chamber to smooth out the pulses) as a supercharger. But then there's hell of a difference between a doodle and getting it working..... What's the compression ratio of the Lada engine? You may well need to put a spacer in between the block and head to lower it. (When the Supercharger breaks you can run the engine on paraffin.......)

Try finding an area of the cars aerodynamics that creates positive pressure and is cold then feed an air supply from there. Use exhaust wrap as well to reduce underbonnet temps. This will allow more oxygen into the engine (cold air is denser), which is what you are trying to do with the supercharger idea. Just in front of the windscreen might be a good place to start (this is where most heater inlets is positioned - not sure about on a Robin but might assist in the boosting...).

Re: universal supercharger kit. - David Woollard

I paste in the following with no comment.

Author: chris watson (---.cache.pol.co.uk)
Date: 27-07-01 21:38

a member of the lada enthusiasts club, has a lada based car, its a porsche chassis, porsche suspension, 3500-cc rover V8 engine, 17 inch alloys, it looks like a lada riva, but its about 6 inches longer and 5 inches wider than a normal lada. 0-60 IN ABOUT 6.5 SECONDS. top speed 136 mph. the only thing to say that its a faster car, is the bonnet vents, and the side vents, and of cause the alloys.

Re: universal supercharger kit. - Piers
There must be a market for glass fibre 'silhouette' body shells of, frankly, crap cars for people to drop ontop of perfectly good cars and create these 'sleepers'. It would certainly be easier than fitting a new chassis to a lenghtened and widened body.... And they can spend the money they've saved on employing an advertising company to dream up some outrageous performance figures........
Being as the Lada Riva bodyshell is modelled on two cereal boxes I'm sure a glass fibre body will be quite easy to manufacture. Sorry Chris!

Bonnet vents, side vents and 17" alloys do not say a faster car to me. In fact they suggest something about the owner, his money and his amount of sense..... I like the idea of buying a dirt cheap solid car and spending a few quid getting a decent engine / drivetrain in place and improving the suspension. But cutting holes in perfectly good panels to stick some lumpy glass fibre on is not to my tastes....

Re: universal supercharger kit. - Ian Cook
To be honest, Chris, the thought of a supercharged Lada frightens me! I'd rather install a V8 in a galvanised garden shed, like that bloke did in "Last of the Summer Wine" - called the Loxley Lozenge, wasn't it?

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