Focus Service - Plantman
Hi all,

Just got hold of a 00\' focus which has done 63k. I was just wondering whether I should go for a major service or just a normal service?

Can you guys tell me whats done on both services before Ford try to rip me off saying go for the 170 quid service or your car will fall to bits :)
A normal service is only 115 notes and wonder what you pay the extra for!!!

Cheers guys!

Focus Sevice - sean
Have you got a service book with your car?

It should list exactly what is done at each service.

You will also want to check the stamps to see what, and when, occurred the last time it was serviced.

If not, your local dealer may be able to print off the service record for you, for a fee
Focus Sevice - mark999
It's always a good idea to do a major service on a car that is new to you so that you have a baseline.
Why not buy all the genuine parts (filters etc) then get a trusted back street garage to fit them for you, it will be a fraction of the labour cost.
Personally I would change oil and filter,Plugs, fuel and oil filter, gearbox oil and consider having the coolent and brake fluid changed.
Focus Sevice - bertj
Make sure you (or they) replace the pollen filter correctly - a well known source of water leaks!
Focus Sevice - sean
Just thinking about the cambelt.

Must be due now.

This is one item you either fit yourself or leave it wholly to the garage.

Imagine the response you'd get, if it snapped. "We only fitted the belt you supplied, Sir. We recommend our own supplier's belts really, but you wanted us to fit that one".
Focus Sevice - Plantman
Many thanks for all your help guys !!
Focus Sevice - daveyjp
Major will involve air filter and spark plug changes, plus possibly a pollen filter. Cam belt is due at 100,000 miles, so its not required yet. Rapid Fit will do the same service as the dealership for less. I used to pay £75 for a minor and £100 for a major on my Focus.
Focus Sevice - sean
I have to say I consider 100,000 miles excessive life for a cambelt.

I'd certainly want to change it now, regardless of any handbook.
Focus Sevice - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Agreed Sean, change the belt now. If it were mine it would be coming up to its second belt change at 72k. Not worth the risk of leaving it to 100k. Not much solace in sweeping up the remains of the engine at 99k....'but its not due for another 1000 miles......

Simplicate and add lightness!
Focus Sevice - Plantman
Grrrrrr - this flaming belt business !!!!

Wish all cars had a chain like my RS2000 instead of these belts !!!!!
Maybe I should invent the unbreakable belt !

Cheers tho guys for your input.
Focus Sevice - Big John
I thought the RS2000 had a belt?
Focus Sevice - DavidHM
Belt change should be about £150, depending where you are in the country, and I'd get it done.

As for the service - has it had the 60k done? If so, that's a major one anwyay and I probably wouldn't bother doing anything right now, except possibly the belt change.

If it missed the 60k service, ideally that should have been a negotiating point at purchase time. If not, tough, it needs a service so have them do it. Now it's out of warranty, I would definitely look at the idea of getting it done by Rapid Fit - same technicians, same parts, but cheaper, though you might not get the service book stamped, so keep the receipts.
Focus Sevice - Plantman
Yes the Mk V does have a chain. Or if it doesnt then I've gone from 83k to 123k with out getting it changed !!!!

Its had a 60k service at 54 or something but it does not look like a 'major service' so I'll just get it done for my own peice of mind.

As for the belt, Ill get prices and do that next !

Focus Sevice - DavidHM

Didn't know it was chain driven, but there you go.
Focus Sevice - henry k
Ford try to rip me off saying go for the 170
quid service or your car will fall to bits :)
A normal service is only 115 notes

If you have an option on the Ford dealer then check the prices on
the Ford website. For example a three year service 2.0 Ghia - £220 local in SW London but £150 just 50 miles from me at Chichester.

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