renault problem - welshy
we have an oldish renault 5 gts . its a 1.4cc engine , when accelerating it sounds like it has no exhaust , on tick over very quiet (well a bit rattly tappets). I have checked the exhaust and that seems fine , could it be the baffles in the silencers or is there a common problem on these ? when coasting downhill in 3rd gear letting the engineto slow us down a little , it sounds like its backfireing through the exhaust . can someone please help me out here, im a little strapped for cash at present so i hope it wont be expensive .
renault problem - sean
Hi Welshy,

You have solved your problem with:

"it sounds like its backfiring through the exhaust "

This is a classic test for a blowing exhaust. You have a hole in the system or on the manifold joints.

As you let engine braking work, it draws air into the exhaust system, igniting any unburnt fuel there and popping and banging.

Get your car over a pit, start it up. Stick a mate's hand over the end of the tailpipe and listen.

You'll hear it blowing. An exhaust place should check it for you, for free you know, if you ask nicely.
renault problem - welshy
is that a positive answer in that theres a hole in the exhaust ? or would that be just a guess . sorry to ask .
renault problem - David Lacey
Perhaps it is a crack in the system that opens up under engine load/movement?

It could also be a loose exhaust manifold to front pipe joint.
renault problem - sean

There's a leak in your exhaust.

Absolutely, positively, definitely.

It can be a crack or loose joint etc as David has said.

You should be able to hear it, with the pipe exit blocked if you walk underneath it with the engine running.

Once you find where it is you can buy a clamp for about £1, stick some Holts Gungum or suchlike on it, or tighten the relevant nuts.
renault problem - welshy
I have tried what people mentioned here , i have blocked the rear tail pipe on the exhaust while the engine is running and i can hear something chuffing (noise), sounds like its coming from the front somewhere , but neither me or the mrs coud find out where from the noise was coming . I thought that by blocking the tailpipe while the engine was running the engine would stop and cut out ??
renault problem - Dynamic Dave
I thought that by blocking the tailpipe while the engine was
running the engine would stop and cut out ??

Only if the exhaust system isn\'t leaking - which is what both Sean and David L have been trying to tell you. You obviously have a leak, it\'s just a case now of finding it. Your nearest exhaust and tyre centre will be able to advise.
renault problem - sean
Absolute respect DD.

I truly am most impressed with you and Mark. (RLBS)

He withdrew a post he made to someone's joke speeding check the other day. You are highly technical and I am starting to see the help you bring here.

Every one of us should be grateful for having you.

Thanks very much.
renault problem - secretsquirrel
the reason the engine is'nt cutting out is the exhaust gases are escaping elsewhere, have another look for the leak (Blocking the tailpipe)when you find the leak that will probably be cause of your problems
renault problem - welshy
thanks guys for the advice , im sorry if I have sounded like a fool but im no expert with cars im afraid , computers im great with though !
renault problem - Hugo {P}

I had a similar problem with a renault 11gtl - ame engine as your ren 5.

When I accelerated it sounded like the exhaust was blowing out of the manifold area. when I revved the car in neutral the exhaust sounded fine. When I braked sharply using the engine, I had the 'backfiring' symptom.

Just before I sold it the fault was traced to a worn manifold to front pipe 'ring'.

Because there is movement between the front pipe and the manifold, they are held together by a sprung loaded bolt mechanism. in between the manifold and the front pipe is a copper or wire wool ring. This acts as a flexable seal.

If the rest of the exhaust is fine, then the problem will lie here.

renault problem - Hugo {P}

Any updates?? Did you solve the problem?

renault problem - welshy
Ok people , we took the car to our local exhaust fitters for them to check it out for us . To me and the wifeys amazement the exhaust is loose . The backbox is held up with the wrong rubbers , which is not lifting the exhaust high enough , and also where the down pipe from the manifold meets the exhaust , apparently there it was welded before for some reason .what is going to be done is , it needs a new down pipe fromthe manifold and new rubbers on the rear to bring the whole exhaust back up . Hope I have explained myself ok , not to good at explaining .Anyway the whole cost of this is about £45 inc VAT and fitting which isnt bad , looking on the underside of the car it looks very solid even the garage guy said it was good , not bad when you consider we only paid £200 for the car , I wonder if by having the exhaust done will it run better , for a 1.4cc its not very quick .
renault problem - sean
"computers I'm great with though !"

Get our backroom sorted, please, Welshy. It's annoying us all.
renault problem - welshy
This website seems to have a bandwith problem . On what server is the running on , seems like it likes being spammed with Car advertisments .Can be sorted , but I cannot do this as its not my website .


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