Nissan Primera Radio Code - JohnG
I\'ve just bought a N Reg Nissan Primera (yesterday).

Bought it privately, nice people, everything there except that the radio code they noted from the previous owner is not correct. The problem is that the battery has just been replaced and the radio (Blaupunkt Nissan)is crying out for a code I do not have.

Do I have to go to a Nissan dealer or is there a cheaper/quicker/better way?

Nissan Primera Radio Code - sean
If it's the factory fitted radio, your dealer should be able to get your code from the maker.I remember Nissan did fit Blaupunkts for a while, then onto Sonys, so you might be lucky.

If it's not, try ringing the previous owner from V5 logbook details. People often write this type of thing down and keep it behind the mantlepiece or somewhere.

If all else fails, look in the Autotrader. You'll see lots of ads for radio decoding, mileage correction, mucky phonecalls etc in one section. Right at the front, or right at the back, depending on where you live.

Good luck mate

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