Most Cor Blimey Moment? - Phoenicks
Another 'whats your experience' topic - hurrah!

This one is about what is the most 'cor blimey' motoring moment you've ever seen.

Mine is when is was in my friends Sunny GTI-R. We were in the middle lane of the M27 at about 80mph and there was a Porsche 996 Turbo in the outside lane overtaking us - but quite slowly. all of a sudden a McLaren F1 rushed right up behind it, waited until the Porsche pulled over(not something you see every day), and then the McLaren just absolutely gunned it. bang. it was gone.
U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E. i have never, never seen anything move so quick on the road. Absolutely fantastic. Me and my friend just looked at each other. and couldnt say a word.

Most Cor Blimey Moment? - Mondaywoe
Not quite as spectacular as Porsches and McLarens, I'm afraid, but my hairiest moment in 30 years driving was coming round a corner straight onto a narrow humped back bridge.
Unfortunately, a Fiesta coming from the other side was taken by surprise in much the same way. Neither of us had time to stop before going onto the bridge and we just clung onto the wheel for grim death and prayed. At mid point on the bridge, we met - clipped wing mirrors, each of which flipped back against the cars - and we carried merrily on our ways! No damage done that a change of underwear didn't put right.

:-) :-) :-)

Most Cor Blimey Moment? - Pugugly {P}
Driving through the snow last winter (on the way to the shop) when I saw a lottery winner, who had recently moved to the area badly stuck in his brand new Shogun thing. He flagged me down and the old Defender tugged him out. The dented and scratched paintwork on it was almost "art" and I laughed my head off (he had no shoes on and his designer clothes were soaked)I really hope he reads this !! Hasn't even waved at me since though !!
Most Cor Blimey Moment? - Phoenicks
Thats funny! Isnt it just the british way to laugh at someones misfortune!

I have to ask tho. why wasnt he wearing shoes in winter in snowy weather?
Most Cor Blimey Moment? - Hugo {P}
Driving my MkII Escort in Wimbledon. I was doing 40 in a 40 and nearly forgot to turn left.

Wen I was nearly abreast of the junction I thought "Oh yes" and simply turned the steering wheel to the left. After thinking about it the front of the car suddenly skewed across the road into the turning, but I had the overtaking rear end to the RHS to contend with!

A quick steer into the right sorted that out but then the rear end started overtaking to the left!

A jab to the left with the wheel sorted this but a little too much over steer and the rear end still had abit of spirit and snaked slightly to the right!

..and so this went on for a hundred yards or so. Plenty of spectators but I didn't hit a thing! Rush of addrennalin or what!

In all that I never used the brake, which is probably why I'm here to tell the tale.

Most Cor Blimey Moment? - John R @ Work {P}

I think you will find it's a German thing, they even have a word for it...

schadenfreude \SHAHD-n-froy-duh\, noun:
A malicious satisfaction in the misfortunes of others.

Though most (funny) comedy is based on misfortune... It makes you feel better/happy/laugh because it did not happen to you.

John R
Most Cor Blimey Moment? - AR-CoolC
I had a very similar incident a few weeks ago on the A1 near Newark in Notts. There I was happily tootling along at 70 or so my mate next to me coming back from a great day at Brands Hatch. Looked in the mirrors and said to my mate "I think thats a Zonda" he looked in the mirror and said "I think thats a Zonda" pulled over to here the most wonderful sound as it flew past and off into the distance.
You could still here it long after it went out of sight.

And apparently there are only 3 in the country.

What an end to a great day.
Most Cor Blimey Moment? - Marcos{P}
I think there must be more than three in the country because there are two of them driving around my way.
I agree the noise is fantastic.
Most Cor Blimey Moment? - ajit
Driving an exgirlriend Trabant in Hungary (with a Polo engine) - went round a roundabout assuming it was my Peugeot309Sri and - a 360degree spin - but luckily no traffic.
Most Cor Blimey Moment? - guzzler
Late 70\'s and driving along the coast road from Fuengirola to Marbella.

It\'s 2 am and everybody is pink flufy diced except me, the responsible driver for the evening. We had just passed through Fuengirola so I\'ve floored it because I want to get to bed. Suddenly, out of the darkness, a horse looms up with eyes like dinner plates and strikes the car, smashing the widscreen, the drivers side window and gouging a hole in the roof pillar. I forgot to mention, its a hired car, brand new with about 60km on it.

I\'ve screeched to a halt, a bit late I know, narrowly avoiding the huge storm drain at the side of the road.

The horse has not hung around to exchange details and disappears into the night, a British horse we think because it was on the wrong side of the road.

So there we are with a smashed up car and no-one around, wondering what to do.

Next, a seriously drunk Spaniard staggers along, trying to find the horse, he does not hang around either and wanders of in pursuit of the horse.

Then the police show up, very suspicious as no obvious signs of another vehicle.
While we try to explain in poor Spanish what has happened, the owner of the horse shows up, not the drunk ex-rider but a very smartly dressed small gentleman, ok he was a midget, with a hunchback and dressed like a matador, with the little tight jacket and trousers etc. He takes charge, tells the police that he takes full responsibility, gives us free riding lessons at his school and every body drives off, except us, we are still at the side of the road, once again deserted.
I wont go into detail about the trouble we had getting another car out of the hire co., but bless his cotton socks the little matador called them and cleared everything up
The whole evening was a \'cor blimey, stone the crows\' event, very surreal; the best comment was \"wild horses wouldn\'t drag me back to Fuengirola\"

Ps we heard later that the horse was ok, which surprised us given the amount of hair it left stuck to the car
Most Cor Blimey Moment? - Rojer

Trabant : Papier Mache` --- Voted worlds most dangerous car ..!
Astra, Renault 18, Renault 25 TXi, Astra Est, Passat Est, Mercedes 190E, Mercedes
Most Cor Blimey Moment? - X5
Not exactly a recent experience, but...

About 25 years ago, on a sunny summer evening, I was tootling up the M5 at about 80 in my Mk 1 Excort RS2000, feeling pretty smug and enjoying the evening.
In my mirror, I espied a British Racing Green E-Type Jag coming up on the outside. Now even 25 years ago E-types were a rare sight, and even rarer to be blown away by one doing nearly a ton, so I gave it a good looking-at as it went past. The driver was steering the thing with his right arm, and in his left he held a large silver trumpet, on which he was playing a tune.
Most Cor Blimey Moment? - Pugugly {P}
Not the late, great James Hunt by any chance.
Most Cor Blimey Moment? - X5
Nah - Hunt would have been in his A35 van, flashing the E-type out of the way :-)
Most Cor Blimey Moment? - lordwoody
What a surreal image!- best story so far!
Most Cor Blimey Moment? - Flat in Fifth
Welsh Forest, RAC.

Downhill forest track into 30 right over cattle grid. Road so icy one could hardly stand up on it .

Timo Makinen in his works Escort comes hammering down the stage totally harry flatters. He's off, he's just gotta be off! No way man!!!

He brakes almost to the point of locking up, and I do mean exactly almost just to the point of lock up, perfection. (know thats lousy English but hope you get the picture)

He then flicked it through the grid and wellied it away into the night.

Timo, you the Man!
Most Cor Blimey Moment? - BobbyG
Two moments in my memory and both happened at exactly the same spot, on the M8 Eastbound just approaching Junction 3A. For those of you who don't know it, it is a bit of an uphill to a peak and then sharp downhill.
Incident 1 was as I reached the peak in my Saxo (NCAP rating zero) I realised the traffic was stationary so slowed down and stopped. Put hazards on to warn other drivers then watched in my mirror as a guy in a Scorpio coming towards me at a rapid rate of knots, quite literally doing the ton I think. He was about 30 feet at the most behind me and I was just bracing myself, quite literally to be killed, when he swerved thru the hard shoulder, thru the fence, and halfway up the hills that are shaped like pyramids. I really did need a dry cleaner for my shorts.
Second one was at the same point, very heavy snow, everyone crawling along on inside lane, white van man goes down the snow covered outside lane, gets over the hill and sees that it is then downhill, applies the brakes to slow down, and does several 360 degree pirouetttes, batters off the crash barrier and ends up on roof on hard shoulder.
You just don't know when someone else is going to decide your time is up....
Most Cor Blimey Moment? - NorthernKev {P}
Not amazing, but seeing a car backwards up a tree was an interesting sight. And yes, that is up a tree [in with the bidrs] not just resting vertically.

Was on A1 approaching York when I was on my PassPlus

Most Cor Blimey Moment? - hootie
All good reading - keep them coming :)
"Appearances can be Deceptive"
Most Cor Blimey Moment? - Brill {P}
Not to be repeated. Some years ago, late night travelling as a passenger in a 7 series, driven by a well known photographer (a little 'worse for wear'). He reaches over to find a cassette and clips the curb. Fine . . . but we were (a) doing over 145mph (b) driving in London.

My (then young) life flashed before me.

I also rode on the back of his very powerful bike once (and I mean once).

Now much much much much wiser!


"From the earliest times the old have rubbed it into the young that they are wiser than they, and before the young had discovered what nonsense this was they were old too, and it profited them to carry on the imposture"
W. Somerset Maugham
Most Cor Blimey Moment? - Dude - {P}
My most horrendous motoring experience was over 40 years ago, but I can still clearly recall the event, when I was riding a 350cc Matchless motorbike with trial studded tyres, that skidded on black ice. I had approached a T junction onto a major road, braked and skidded right across this major road in front of an articulated lorry. The frightening bit was that I was so close to being killed that I remember clearly seeing the underneath of the lorry`s engine, as I hurtled into the ditch. An experience I never wish to repeat, and needless to say my parents insisted I moved to 4 wheels immediately. !!!!!
Most Cor Blimey Moment? - jonesy127 {P}
Travelling up the M6 in the middle lane towards the Lake District in the passenger seat of a friend’s Laguna, with two others on the back seat.

As is often the case, apparently in those parts, the late summer afternoon turned from warm and cloudy to hail in a matter of seconds, so it seemed. And I mean hail. Hail varying from marble to golf ball sized.

Almost instantly, we were in virtual zero visibility and as my friend courageously kept the thing on the island, all around us were cars flying in to the hard shoulder or literally bouncing off the central reservation. Scary.

Half an hour later we were walking around the lakes, in short sleeves and wondering whether it had been all a nasty dream…
Most Cor Blimey Moment? - Altea Ego
"around us were cars flying in to the hard shoulder or literally bouncing off the central reservation"

Nicolle on an nursing early shift at Tadworth one winter Sunday morning. Roused from my bed by phone call, she has gone off the road (A217), on ice, car in ditch, Nicolle ok. Silly C*W I mutter, women drivers!

Ok I shall come and sort it out I say. Get in car (sierra) and toodle round M25. Arrive at J8, up the slip road take 1st exit for A217 and loose tail of car in large leary oversteer, correct skid goes other way. To keep it between the kerbs I fishtail all the way round the junction, missing the exit i need. Pheew

So gingerly creep up the A217, to see a scene from the evacuation at Dunkirk. The road is a 5 mile ice ring with abandoned and crashed vehicles down both sides. Not a single road sign or speed limit repeater is left standing. Arrive to find Nicolles toyota, in ditch, in tact (muddy but undented).

Pah Women Drivers I utter!!!! (never mentioning the fact i lost it too)
A passing Range Rover hoiks it out for us when the road defrosted!
Most Cor Blimey Moment? - AR-CoolC
I had a "Cor blimey moment" last night on the way home from work.

There I was tootling along home, spotted a Kia Rio, the driver fitted all the stereotypes, middle aged man, beard, fury seat covers. All exept the fact that he had a very heavy right foot, flying past me ( and I was doing 85/90 )cutting lanes, and squeeling around the roundabouts.

It made me smile actually.
Most Cor Blimey Moment? - terryb
2 similar moments 35 years apart.

Aged about 17, driving my 100E Popular along the Ewell bypass, I hear the noise like an aircraft behind me. Quick as a flash, I'm overtaken by John Dodd's non-Rolls Royce with the Merlin engine (you know, the one that looked like Lady Penelope's car). What a beauty that was. Didn't get too much of a look at it though!!

Fast forward to the M25 just prior to last May Bank Holiday. Tootling round with the caravan in tow, look in mirror, lane 4 has this big chrome chipcutter thundering up it, fixed to a gleaming black Hummer H2. Awesome in a different sort of way!

Most Cor Blimey Moment? - MrWibble
Pulling onto the M4 westbound at junction 8/9 in my new company mk2 Mondeo a few years ago I missed another car pulling into the outside line in my blind spot.

Quick flick of the wheel to the left and it was like Billingsgate Market as I fish-tailed right and left and right again - correcting like mad and ending up spinning to a halt in the hard shoulder facing the wrong way looking at the startled expressions of the drivers behind me.

Got turned round and on my way safely but given wide berth for a number of miles for some reason.
Most Cor Blimey Moment? - Hawesy1982
My most memorable cor blimey moment is by far the best in my 20 years of life so far.

I was about 15 at the time travelling with my dad somewhere or other on the M1, passing thru some roadworks which had put lane 1 out of commision. The traffic ahead braked from a steady 60 to a halt fairly sharply, as did my dad in the inside lane (lane 2). As we were braking through about 15-20mph, my dad glanced in his rear view mirror, uttered a few quick expletives and veered off between cones onto the roadworks area. Before i could turn and ask him what the hell he was doing a black sierra cosworth zipped by our right hand side and obliterated the saxo in front of us, and a good few other cars in the vicinity. Apparaently the police report said it was doing 'in excess of 80mph' at the time of impact. Incredibly no-one lost their lives, not even the cossie driver, but there were 3 or 4 people taken to hospital with serious injuries. All i can say about that is thank god my dad was checking his mirrors!
Most Cor Blimey Moment? - Altea Ego
Was taught by drive and survive instructors to do this for this exact reason.

1/ on motorways never get boxed in - always have an escape route.
(in your dads case - the coned area) Normally it will be a gap to your side or good distance in front.
2/ When stopping suddenly ensure you can stop or evade the obstruction, then check your mirrors immediately.
3/ If you are about to be rear ended, use your escape route.

Sounds like your old man executed this to the letter with perfect results.
Most Cor Blimey Moment? - SjB {P}
And one that was instilled in me many years ago, and which I originally posted here last October, but which is worth repeating:

"When you are stationary on a stretch of road, waiting for a gap to appear in the oncoming traffic so that you can turn right in to a side road, never, EVER, sit obliquely to the traffic, or with your front wheels turned right, until the gap you are waiting for appears, and you actually start to move off. Instead, leave your car parallel with the traffic, and your front wheels pointing straight ahead.


If sittingly obliquely, and/or with the wheels already on right lock, and you get rear ended, to coin a phrase, guess where you are going to go? Bang. Head on.

Sounds obvious, but not a single one of my friends, family, or colleagues even thought about this, until suggested."

Back to the thread, my worst moment by far was sitting in a white box waiting to turn right on a major trunk road, whilst nose to tail traffic went past. A few seconds before a 38 tonner coming the other way reached me, out popped Mr Reverse Baseball Cap in his XR Something. He didn't back off and duck back in, and instead attempted to finish his manoeuvre.

Yes, I did release the handbrake in a vain attempt to lessen the effect of any impact, and yes, I did think my time had come with a feeling of cold fear that is hard to describe, but in the event the truck passed on my right, and Mr RBC *just* jinked by on my left, having by chance obtained a gap in the traffic I had just parted from!

My second worst moment was riding pillion on a friends' Honda Blackbird motorcycle at about 50MPH down a country lane in Norfolk. Not too fast, you might think, but it was far too fast for the distance he could see. What did we then meet, but a bus, occupying about 90% of the available road width between the hedges! Somehow, we escaped down one side of it, with marks from branches down our left knees, and dirt from the bus on our right!

Most Cor Blimey Moment? - mark999
Turned into side street, noticed a 4-5 yr old leaning into road from lampost. She then fell in front of the car.
Somehow I managed to swerve around her I remember being surprised how fast my reactions were considering I was very tired from working shifts.
Most Cor Blimey Moment? - Wally Zebon
Approximately 20 years ago, I was the front passenger travelling along a single carriageway trunk road. It was a fast road with lots of sweeping corners. We were doing about 50mph.

As we went round one corner however we were faced with two Artics side by side coming towards us! We only got through thanks to the artic who was being overtaken, taking to a layby conveniently situated about 30 yards ahead. To this day, I've no idea how he kept it on its wheels!

And another...

Not mine, but a friend had a moment to tell his grand kids about when he was overtaking an artic. There just happened to be another one coming the opposite way.
Being young and foolish and driving a Honda CRX he thought he could make it.

He did make it, although he managed to lose BOTH wing mirrors in the process!

Most Cor Blimey Moment? - Hugo {P}
...Yes artics are a great non favorite of mine as well!

Whilst travelling from Leicester to Market Harborough 9 years ago I was going up hill and had moved into the overtaking lane provided for those going up hill to overtake a slow van. I was doing 65 or so.

In the distance I saw an artic at a junction on the RHS waiting to turn right. I thought, "He won't be a complete an utter prat now will he?" WRONG!!!!!!!

Unbelievebly, he commenced his right hand turn into the lane I was in about 50 feet in front of me forcing me back into the lane right behind the van I'd meant to overtake!

I couldn't believe the complete and utter stupidiy of this inbocile! He had absolutely no excuse visability was fine, there were no obstructions, remember, I saw him in plenty of time.

Oddly enough I was on my way to the dentist at the time. I remember realising how relaxing it was to be in the chair afterwards, reflecting on my Near Death Experience!

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