Family pubs in London-BR Meet - Dan J
Sorry to put something here which is clearly not motoring but if I stick it in the "I have a question" thread I don't think it will get the attention it deserves. Moderators - if you could please let this thread run for a short period it would be most appreciated.

There is a plan to organise a BR meet for one Sunday in August(ish) somewhere vaguely near to the centre of London - more details to follow later, watch this space...

HF and I have been thinking about possible venues but the biggest issue is that we need a big and family (i.e. children!) friendly pub, if possible with a beer garden.

I've looked into a few places which have so far turned out not to be suitable and many pubs near to London are catering to the "post-work" lot - definitely no kids.

Does anyone have any good suggestions? Must be close to a tube or train station and easily accessible. Please stick to the subject at hand!
Family pubs in London-BR Meet - volvoman
Think central London's gonna be difficult really - too many tourists (especially in August) - unless a picnic in one of the parks is an option and we all bring the food/booze :-)

If people are likely to be bringing kids somewhere out a bit may be better but then PT becomes the problem.

Love them as we do, I don't think Mrs V and I would be bringing ours so it's not so much of a problem for us providing we can get a babysitter.

It's a shame because we went to a great place (Brewers Fayre pub/ restaurant) for kids last weekend in Biggin Hill/Westerham. It had a large indoor softplay area and a smaller climbing area outside. Seemed ideal for this sort of event BUT minimal PT in the form of buses.

Perhaps someone out there will be able to suggest somewhere suitable that's easy to get to.
Family pubs in London-BR Meet - Dan J
Thanks Volvoman.

I have no objections to going a bit further out - the main concern is, for example, picking somewhere out towards Surrey. Anyone then coming from E/N/W London would probably have to travel into central London and then back out again. To encourage a good number along I wanted to make it as painless as possible so PT is def at top of consideration lists!

I think we'll have to to find a suitable pub though. Kids were a concern for HF - maybe you can arrange something with her?! Park idea is good but the issue then is what if good old Blighty decides to deluge us with 12 inches of rain.

I def want to decide on some meeting place/venue before proceeding any futher as it saves arguments later :)

Hope we manage summat...
Family pubs in London-BR Meet - CM

Family pubs in London-BR Meet - Marcos{P}
Somewhere in the Home Counties may be best as some people dont like coming into London. Personally it wouldnt bother me but to some it might make a difference.
What we need is everyone to come up with a good place and then choose maybe the most popular area and take it from there.
Family pubs in London-BR Meet - HF
Great idea to post this, Dan.

I take V and Marcos's points, but I'd say the more centralised we could make it, the better. Opting for somewhere in Kent is all well and good for those of us who live here, but it would be unfair to expect those that don't to travel all the way into London and then out into Kent again.

As for parks etc - well as Dan says that is too weather-dependent really. Good luck to you if you can find a babysitter, V - but I've used up my quota of babysitters for the time being, so will probably have to drag mine along with me. They're very self-sufficient though (well they have to be with me as a mum ;) so if we could find somewhere with some sort of a beergarden, or even just a few slot machines, they'll leave me alone.

I haven't yet looked in great depth at CM's website, but I will do so.

A bit worried about the idea of everyone coming up with a place and then choosing the best one - we've kind of had this all before, and found that no place is suitable for everyone etc etc etc - and things have ended up just dying a death. Twas why Dan and I thought we'd just try and come up with one place, one date, one time, hopefully as convenient as possible for anyone that's interested, and then just hope for the best.

Anyway, looking forward to hearing everyone's suggestions. I think as the instigator of all this, Dan should have the casting vote though ;)

Family pubs in London-BR Meet - Marcos{P}
I see your point HF but would it not be a good idea to meet up in September as people are generally away on holiday in August.
I'm not trying to get the meet nearer to me, I dont mind travelling, but would it make sense to have it Just north of London as more people may come from that way.
I'll try to think of somewhere good but at the end of the day, as HF says "Dan should have the casting vote"
Family pubs in London-BR Meet - volvoman
HF - wasn't suggesting anywhere in Kent just making the point about the Brewers Fayre type pubs of which the Biggin Hill site is just one. Biggin Hill is a pain in the bum and I wouldn't want to go there!

Problem with this is that trying to please everyone isn't gonna work - exactly what happened the last time we tried this and the times before that Mark told us about.

I think the only realistic way to do this is to get some idea of who would be prepared to go where broadly speaking. How many people would be interested in a meeting in London using PT. If the answer is 0 apart from you, Dan and RTB you might as well meet around the corner, why bother going into London ? If the answer is 5 or 10, say, we then try to find a suitable 'pub' in London.

For those people further afield the only solution is for them to arrange local meetings which will suit them and those close by. Much as I'd like to meet Sean for example, I don't think I'd expect him to travel from Leeds just for a few beers and I wouldn't do it the other way round.

Alternatively decide on a venue and date for yourselves, let everyone know and see who turns up on the day. Those who want to make the effort can and those who don't won't. Given the bashing PT gets here I really can't see too many people wanting to travel very far in that manner so arranging something around PT may be a mistake.

Anyway I hope this doesn't all go flat like before.
Family pubs in London-BR Meet - volvoman
Ps Dan - Not sure if you were around before but, if not, have a look at the BackRoom Get-Together thread from last year. There was also another one by VD5D IIRC a little while after.
Family pubs in London-BR Meet - Dynamic Dave
have a look at the BackRoom Get-Together thread from last year.

Actually VM, you created the previous thread this year, not last.
Family pubs in London-BR Meet - Dan J
Am taking everyones comments on board here.

Marcos - Good point re August. On reflection it is more than likely going to be early September anyway.

CM - thanks for the website. It isn't too accurate but I've taken several ideas from it I'll investigate.

HF - Calm! :) It will not "die a death". I am going to get this organised if it kills me. Which it might.

Volvoman - Thanks for the points. Your last paragraph is roughly what I was intending on doing. Regarding PT - I was aiming for somewhere people could use either car or PT. That way the drinkers amongst us are satisfied, as are the drivers!

To all,

As any of you know who have ever tried to organise *anything* that involves other people (work do's are a prime example) then you'll know pleasing everyone is impossible and not even to be attempted by the brave.

I am taking the line that I know another forum has used very successfully. *I* will pick the place but will do it based upon what I hear from this thread. It will certainly not be chosen to accommodate me. This might sound like a lack of diplomacy but it isn't - if someone doesn't take charge of this it will die out as last time.

Someone won't be happy with the choice or be able to make the date chosen, but so be it. If we make this a success then any future meets will be easy...

So, please keep the suggestions for venues/pubs, comments and arguments rolling. I am going to test drive a couple of places myself and also investigate any good ideas I hear on here. Watch this space on future developments!


Family pubs in London-BR Meet - volvoman
Dan - just don't let HF convince you that the Cricketers is a good idea - it's a dump !!!! ;-)
Family pubs in London-BR Meet - Dan J
I'm hearing on the grapevine that many will be waiting in anticipation to see if you buy a round V! :o)
Family pubs in London-BR Meet - volvoman
That's funny 'cos when we met before I spent about £30 - there was only 3 of us for most of the time and Mark only had a pint and a half. Given her size HF can certainly put 'em away !!
Family pubs in London-BR Meet - Mark (RLBS)
Personally I don't really mind where it is except;

1) best if it takes kids
2) nice place (not Orpington)
3) possible to drive (not south of London)

Tell me the date, and provided I am in the country I'll be there.
Family pubs in London-BR Meet - HF

Delicate cough. I don't think you should be posting my legendary drinking exploits on a national forum. Let people turn up and see for themselves!

Mark - let me or Dan know when you *are* in the country and we'll make sure THE DATE falls when you're about. After all we have plenty of days to choose from. Oi and what's wrong with Orpington then eh?

Dan - agree with everything you say and you're doing great in your organisation. I think M's points are worth thinking about, particularly the 'not south London' one.

Being me, I'm not at all sure where is easy to drive to or where isn't. Obviously as has been said it needs to be somewhere both drivable and trainable. As central as possible, of course, sounds best - but would central London be easy for people to drive to? I know I wouldn't do it even if Volvoman had a pint waiting for me at the end of my trip ;)


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