Top 10 Anti Boredom Remedies - paul45
For a bit of lighthearted entertainment....

I guess there a plenty of BRs in the same situation as me, driving the same old boring journey to work (on your own of course), without being able to vary the route, same 6 CDs in the player that you haven't changed for two months, fed up of all the radio stations, not too keen on building up a huge mobile bill so your mind turns to other things. Top 10 remedies...

1. Deciding on whether I would swap my car for the one that has just passed on the opposite carriageway - not recommended for motorways
2. Counting and recognising the different types of furry and feathered creatures which have been roadkilled (very sad I know)
3. Counting pubs and then trying to recall them in journey order.
4. Counting how many Saxo or Nova drivers are wearing a baseball cap.
5. Seeing how may MPG I can get by driving as economically as possible.
6. Seeing how few MPG I can get by driving as uneconomically as possible.
7. Seeing what the combined MPG is by swapping 5 & 6 half way through the journey.
8. Daring myself to go to the next petrol station when the fuel light has come on (using the onboard computer is banned here)
9. Counting the number of cars I recognise every day driving the opposite way to work.
10. Guessing when the car behind will turn off

As you can see not very good and all quite sad. Anybody got any others?
Top 10 Anti Boredom Remedies - Rojer
11. Guess how many car places ahead that car that just overtook you (having been a non-superdave-safe-distanceof six feet behind you for the last 3 miles before they went for it at a blind bend) at the next junction.

12. Guess the age and sex of the driver of the car in front that's weaving around in front of you. Bonus points for guessing the reason (Phone, child, ICE, ice, dozing etc)

Astra, Renault 18, Renault 25 TXi, Astra Est, Passat Est, Mercedes 190E, Mercedes
Top 10 Anti Boredom Remedies - Robin
This is going to become a 'Who's the saddest' competition. My 2 favourites for boring journeys are:

1) Nobbies, Stobbies and Willies. Count how many trucks you see from Willie Betz, Norbert Dentes(..whatever it is) or Eddie Stobbart. Nobbie usually wins in the UK

2) Numbers. Start at 1 and look for a reg. plate where the only digit is a 1. Then do for '2' etc all the way to 999. For added variety, start at 999 and work backwards. After 2.5 years of this I have reached 58. (I don't drive much on the motorway)
Top 10 Anti Boredom Remedies - Altea Ego
This is going to become a 'Who's the saddest' competition. My
2 favourites for boring journeys are:
1) Nobbies, Stobbies and Willies. Count how many trucks you see
from Willie Betz, Norbert Dentes(..whatever it is) or Eddie Stobbart.
Nobbie usually wins in the UK

Thats the fav game in our car on trips. (son is a member of the Stobart club)

Points for spotting a willie,(3) nobby(dentresangle)(2) or stobby. (1) can be played abroad reversing the points system.

(got maximum brownie points from son for obtaining him a model willie truck in holland)

Top 10 Anti Boredom Remedies - paul swindon
Counting how long I can drive with my eyes closed.
And seeing how long I can leave the lights off at lighting up time.
And driving with my hands on the opposite side of the steering wheel, you'll like that at the next roundabout when you try it.
And driving at the speed limit, that's usually good for a laugh watching the queue build up behind me.
Top 10 Anti Boredom Remedies - AR-CoolC
I started the number counting one last night on the way home and carried on this morning, I'm on 6 ( and that was without using 02 and 03 ).
I wonder how long I can be bothered to keep it up for though ???
Top 10 Anti Boredom Remedies - Dynamic Dave
I read in a couple of yesterday's tabloids that an employee at Somerfields (I think) has come up with an idea similar to the new Rolls Royce. That being stationary wheel hubs on all the delivery lorries. The idea is stop kids getting bored on motorway journies. The rear wheel hub has the first part of a joke written on it, and the front hub has the punchline written on it. As the car passes the lorry the kids can read the jokes.
Top 10 Anti Boredom Remedies - Stargazer {P}
Whatever happened to 'pub cricket'. Not much good for motorways but my brother and I used to play this all the time on A roads.

Each player has 3 batsmen, each batsman in turn watches out for pubs and receives a run for each of the legs depicted in the pubs name. eg The White Hart....4 legs so four runs. No legs on the next pub means the batsman is out. Continue until the player has lost all three batsmen,then swap over.

After many arguments the umpire (dad) added the following minor rule changes, 1. Kings Head.....two runs and out because although the King (probably) had two legs they are not depicted on the sign.
2. Stag and Hounds (or similar) 12 runs...assume one stag and two hounds unless more are explicitly shown on the pub sign.

Longer trips can easily be occupied using more batsmen per player and of course more than two players can join in.

Kept us happy for many hours

Top 10 Anti Boredom Remedies - HisHonour {P}
We play a similar game, just collectiing the legs and it can be quite entertaining. You collect as many legs as the pub name would suggest ie The White Hart on your side of the road would give you four legs, the Green Man two, etc. The Cricketers we worked out would give you 30, as there are 2 batsmen, 2 umpires and 11 fielders on the field at one time.

I was once about 30 legs in the lead and feeling smug when we passed a pub (not on my side of the road) called The Charge of The Light Brigade (600 horses, 600 men - 3600 legs.)

If you pass a pub called the something arms, you lose all your legs and have to start from scratch. I have been known to make detours just to accumulate legs. It makes a long journey quite fun
Top 10 Anti Boredom Remedies - paul45
Just thought of another before I slope off to the land of sad.

Car Snooker - allegedly mastered by plod. Solo is a bit more difficult but the principle is the same.
Red car 1 point, then the next car that follows in a snooker colour counts, 7 for a black car, 6 for a pink car (probably going to be quite difficult when clearing the table) etc. The break will continue if after the colour comes another red car and so on. Break stops and passes to the next player when no red car after the colour. Maximum break of 147 would be somewhat difficult to achieve.
Solo game is the same but it is see what score you can achieve on the way to work and stop after 15 red cars or before losing the will to live.


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