Interesting Car Sales Stories? - Phoenicks
I see there tends to be a lot of interest in weird sales stories so i thought it would be good to see what sort of tales are out there.

I'll start it off with:

When i worked for a car garage one of my colleagues took a 7 series bmw in in P/ex. It was immaculate with a full main dealer service history and a very recent major service. great. We couldnt retail it so one of the traders bought it to sell. He came back with the car 2 hours later and said there was something funny with the FMDSH. My colleague was like 'what do you mean? its all stamped and appears correct'. To which the trader replied: 'yes, but all the stamps relates to a BMW Dealer that went out of business 6 years ago....'
Interesting Car Sales Stories? - apm
My Grandfather has a friend in Switzerland, big fan of Merc estates (changed his car every year). Someone told him (I believe this was in the mid or late 80's) about this great device that let you set the speed you wanted to drive at, and you didn't have to keep your foot on the throttle (obvously cruise cont). When he next changed his Merc, he asked the dealer if he could have this feature installed on his new model. Bemused salesman (probably raised an eyebrow) informed him that the last three cars he's bought already had this! Cue slinking off, tail between legs.
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