Metro GTi 16v - andy sampson
A friend has been offered a 1 owner, G plate, Metro GTI 16v with 41k miles on the clock and in genrally good nick, I have no idea what this is worth due to the milage etc, anybody help???.

I used to have one of these years ago and found it to be a good car but has anyone had any bad experiences.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Metro GTi 16v - chris watson
i would be selling for about £650, thats if its got any history, if its got no history then buyers will think its been clocked, as these cars are VERY easy to clock.
Re: Metro GTi 16v - David Woollard

These are reasonable small cars in some ways, certainly a great improvement over a 1983 model.

We have friends who bought a near identical car in very smart bright red earlier this year, just £500 cash. Knowing the dealer who sold it to them he got it from somewhere for about £250. So they can go really cheap.

Having said that, like the BX now, it's not a case of how much but will anyone buy it at all. Over the years I've been asked asked for a "nice little Fiesta or Metro for about £1000" time and time again. Now the same enquiry from the same sort of buyer is apt to be "I'm looking for a nice litte Fiesta for about £1000, I don't really want a Metro".

Ignore the mileage, it is a debateable advantage even if supported by history....short runs etc.

Re: Metro GTi 16v - chris watson
these cars are bought by boy racers, who want a GTI of anykind, i might be interested in it, as my next door neighbour has a 1986 1.0 metro, but wants another metro, but the sporty model (you cant really call one of these cars sporty, but what the hell)
Metro GTi 16v - strip it and race it - David Lacey
Buy it, strip it out, fit a roll cage and a 1.8 K series Variable Valve engine (as I did) and go sprinting & hill climbing. Great motorsport fun and it is real cheap.

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