Galants what do you think - A2B
Genral comments please

Who\'s got a Galant and what do you think?
Galants what do you think - peterb
Don't have one but did consider for car-before-last.

Lots of very reliable and refined car for the money albeit status-free (VR4 excluded).

Not sure if they're still offered new. If so, the depreciation would be high (espacially since they've been around for a while).
Galants what do you think - Maz
If you're looking to buy new, I agree with Peterb's point about depreciation. If second hand, make sure the timing belt has/will be changed on cue and that the other belts don't squeak. Also, check the CBC breakdown of course.

I like 'em personally.
Galants what do you think - robZilla
I don't have one but I very nearly bought one about 6 months ago. I love the styling and agree that it's a lot of car for the money. The reason I didn't buy is that I felt the interior let it down. It had a kind of cheap "plasticy" look and feel, which I felt let down the exterior. Other than that, I hear they are very reliable and if you go for one that's ~3yrs old, most of the depreciation has already happened. Very hard to find a manual one though...
Galants what do you think - PB
I've had a couple recently, very good value for money at auction. Both 2.5V6 with 90k on the clock at 3 1/2 years old, one man/cloth one auto/leather. Good to drive, all the extras. Watch out for the big service at 54k.

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