Ford fiests - Bonnet not closing - OceanMan

So my MOT is tomorrow and I was topping up my screen wash and when I dropped the bonnet, and it doesn't catch fully. I believe there are two catches and only one is working, the hood sticks down but not all the way. I've tried blasting a load of wd-40 into the mechanism and that hasn't worked. There's no tension whatsoever on the inner release tab in the driver's seat, so maybe it's a problem there. If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it.

Ford fiests - Bonnet not closing - Lee Power

If its a modernish Fiesta its such a common issue you will find your local Ford dealer has the bonnet catch & cable parts on the shelf.

The catch usually fails in the open position, if your really really unlucky when it fails & will refuse to release, but Ford dealer normally has a Fiesta grill on the shelf to.

Ford fiests - Bonnet not closing - OceanMan

It's a 2009 zetec. Thanks for the response

Ford fiests - Bonnet not closing - OceanMan

Just fixed it. Sprayed a load more WD down there (a full small can in total) and slammed it shut. Seems to be working fine.


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