Fastest in a car? - Phoenicks
Whats the fastest anyone has ever driven in a car?
Fastest in a car? - Dan J

Done in a bog standard 01Y Vauxhall Vectra 2.2 petrol (147PS)

Not half as hairy as 105mph in an 82Y 1.1 Fiesta Popular Plus though...
Fastest in a car? - mr_right
ive done 130mph in my 1997 1.6 ford escort
Fastest in a car? - smokie
Had the Omega MV6 to 145 once briefly (abroad, I might add). Wonderfully stable, quiet etc. And still accelerating. Mind you 145 on the clock is probably only 135 or less.
Fastest in a car? - Phoenicks
130mph in a 1.6 escort? speedo's do run fast dont they.....
Fastest in a car? - mmm-five
An indicated 185mph in a Brabus Merc on the A5 around Frankfurt and an indicated 170mph in a BMW M5!
Fastest in a car? - peterb
Am I alone in finding this a disconcerting thread? Anything above about 90 mph on a UK public road is generally a bad idea.

Sits back and waits for the excuses....
Fastest in a car? - Phoenicks
Why is this disconcerting? Cars are for enjoyment, and some people find driving quickly enjoyable.

Some people drive in track days. some abroad where speeds above 70mph are legal. I would like to ask why above 90mph on a british road is a bad idea? a lot of the time yes. 4am on a sunday morning on a wide, expansive and empty motorway in a well maintained quick car - no.

I never said it was about UK roads.....
Fastest in a car? - smokie
No peterb, I'm sure you won't be alone. Many previous threads have shown that a decent proportion of BackRoomers would not countenance any hint of risk or excitement by speeding, even if conditions are "right".

Oh, and I can't agree with a generalisation about anything over 90 mph being a bad idea. Depends on the type of road, conditions, congestion, what you are driving etc. 90mph is obviously the speed at which YOU feel is safe and reasonable, just like 70 mph is the speed at which the authorities feel the same. It's just an arbitrary figure though.

Fastest in a car? - Altea Ego
130mph in a 1.6 escort? speedo's do run fast dont they.....

They tend to snake about a lot to when being towed at that speed
Fastest in a car? - Phoenicks
lol! Damn those car transporters are quick.

Mines 134mph in a Peugeot 306xsi. very stable.
Fastest in a car? - SjB {P}
Driving myself, 152 MPH indicated (calculated 145 MPH actual) in my Vectra GSi Estate at the crack of dawn near Stuttgart. Turbine smooth, and rock steady.

Riding myself, indicated 145 MPH on my Honda Hornet near Alencon, France.

With someone else in control, 178 MPH indicated whilst pillion on a Honda Blackbird. Though on a clear dual carriageway with acres of open space either side, sure it was highly illegal and highly dangerous if something went wrong, but it was equally an amazing, effortless, demonstration of engineering competence.

More worrying in terms of potential consequences was 5MPH to 145MPH in the length of an uphill (and therefore blind) M27 slip road whilst pillion on a friend's Yamaha Thunderace. That was totally, utterly, stupid (and then some) and I haven't ridden with him since. Merging at the top was shall we say "Interesting"...
Fastest in a car? - CM
135 in my old diesel, with luggage for two and my old boss who weighs about 25 stone next to me (weighing a meagre 15).

We had missed our turn on the autoroute and the next junction was about 20 miles away and the boss didn't want to miss a dinner reservation!
Fastest in a car? - Phoenicks
what were you driving?
Fastest in a car? - mr_right
it was quite a smooth ride actually until i came to a sweeping right bend on the M40 i had to then slow down sum what. I wouldnt dream of trying again (good little boy i am really)
Fastest in a car? - SpamCan61 {P}
135mph indicated as a passenger 4 up in a 1600 cavalier mkII - in 4th gear. Driver didn't dare take even one hand off the wheel to change gear.
Fastest in a car? - CM
what were you driving?

BMW 325tds
Fastest in a car? - NitroBurner
Weight does NOT affect the maximum speed of a car!
Fastest in a car? - Tony N
Weight does NOT affect the maximum speed of a car!

Yes it does, extra weight increases rolling resistance of tyres - hence lowering top speed.
Fastest in a car? - Ben {P}
But rolling resistance is only a very small factor, a differnce of say 500kg doesnt have much effect. Horsepower to overcome air resistance is the most important. You can quite reliably predict top speed from horsepower alone.
Fastest in a car? - Tony N
But rolling resistance is only a very small factor, a differnce
of say 500kg doesnt have much effect. Horsepower to overcome air
resistance is the most important. You can quite reliably predict top
speed from horsepower alone.

Yes but it does have some effect - let the tyres down a bit on your push bike to see what I mean!

F1 cars always run less downforce on fast tracks to increase max speed - granted a lot of the retarding force is generated by aerodynamic drag caused by generating a lot of downforce, but some of it is caused by increased rolling resistance caused by loading the tyres more - and I bet it makes a BIG difference to those boys.
Fastest in a car? - Altea Ego
The best average i have done was 480km (298 miles) in two hours 50 minutes to catch a ferry (missed) thats an *average* of 105mph I think for nearly three hours.
Fastest in a car? - sean
Not entirely relevant, as you ask about a car, but I noticed on Sky News this morning about 2 bikers, on an "A" road ( ie not a motorway) clocked at 157mph and 143mph whilst overtaking on a left hand bend.

Apparently the former is the fastest speed ever clocked by the Police.

I'm waiting to hear what happens to them. Charge is Dangerous driving as well as speeding.
Fastest in a car? - Phoenicks
No, good post Sean. All relevant in this post.

I must admit, 157 and 143 whilst overtaking on a bend seems a bit silly. However, easy to judge when reading the one point of view. I like these police charges as they sometimes get applied when incorrect. Anyone remember the guy with the NSX who was doing 130 and got a dangerous driving charge. could be fair. apart from the fact he was a trained racing driver (or something like that) and his car was in good order. and it was 3am. on a motorway.

Speed can be safe.....
Fastest in a car? - bugged {P}
150 mph lancia delta intergrale (how do you spell that then?)

155mph Porsche 911

140mph subaru impreza

125mph in my bug

best...... 160mph in volvo v40 T4

Fastest in a car? - Phoenicks
good to see someone using their cars.

160 in the t4. knew they were quick :)
Fastest in a car? - bugged {P}
they are great, that was not in this country i might add!!

Its great when you can blast away the kids in their XR2s!!!
They dont expect it from a Grandad car!!!!
Fastest in a car? - Ben03
SpamCan61 wrote:
> 135mph indicated as a passenger 4 up in a 1600 cavalier
> mkII - in 4th gear. Driver didn't dare take even one
> hand off the wheel to change gear.

what gear change was he contemplating? 6th to 7th?
Fastest in a car? - Phoenicks
Is he confusing Mph and Kph?
Fastest in a car? - SpamCan61 {P}
Not sure about the driver; the gear change I was contemplating was clean underpants ;-)
Fastest in a car? - teabelly
It's spelt integrale :-) Was that in an evo or the 16v version? I'm not sure I would take my 16v above 90 mph for fear of it blowing itself to bits!

Sadly the fastest I have been is just over an indicated 80 in my lancia. About the same in the vitesse which was a lot noisier.

Fastest in a car? - paul45
An indicated 136 (everyone seems to be at 135 at the moment) in a new shape 1.8 Mondeo - forgot to mention the all important fact that it was a hire car. It still had more to give!
Fastest in a car? - Phoenicks
they do say the fasest car in the world is a hire car....
Fastest in a car? - CM
Hire Car - Renault Twingo

1 driver - 6ft3 15 stone
2 passengers - 6ft6 and 6ft1 prob combined about 30 stone

top speed 161 kmh
Fastest in a car? - bugged {P}
............. and the best off-roader!!!!!
Fastest in a car? - Hugo {P}
Well, when the conditions are right, I have floored all my cars apart from the Xantia, where I chickened out at 115mph!

Mini 850 - 70
Ford Escort Mk 2 - 75 (the engine was really smokie)
Mini 1275 kit car (Pimlico) - 100+ (Speedo was not working properly)
Renault 11 GTL 1400cc 100
Fiat Regata weekend 1600cc (SHOC) - 110
Pug 309 SRI - 115
Morris Oxford - 80

Fastest in a car? - Liverpaul
Enjoyable thread, at least when conditions allow....

I remember being driven in my Dad's e-type 2+2 which topped out at 150mph or so, and a few years later in his XJ12 auto which got to 153mph on the clock. (I'm going back 25 / 15 years for these.

As for me:

Brick Shaped Fiesta 957cc W reg, during a nav rally - 103mph - very long run at it, yes the car wasn't standard, otherwise you'd be lucky to get an acrual top of 85mph.

Formula Ford (I think) at Silverstone felt very fast but was only probably 125mph.

Focus 1.6 Ghia, very long down hill run, very early in the morning 132 on the clock.

To be honest I'm more interested in A-B and handling on good driving roads, than top end.
Fastest in a car? - Wally Zebon
Rover 220GTi - 135
Audi S2 - 147 - true GPS speed
950cc Polo - 99mph downhill with a tail wind - I never did get it over 100mph!

Fastest in a car? - hootie
Do you know I can't even remember. Guess it's just not that important to me.

It was probably years ago in my XR2i (purchased for me by Mr H, just as the 'hot hatches' were national tv news and the ratings jumped sky high) :(

Just to test it out I probably hurtled along the motorway, but not for that long.

Two kids to care about (not in the car at the time) and a desire to keep a clean licence don't really spur you on.

Having said that I usually average 80+ on a long motorway drive (and feel guilty about that)

Have been a passenger in various performance cars driven at high speeds, but tend not to look at the speedo so I can pretend it's nothing to do with me ;)

Guess this just isn't my thread.

Now fast boats............................
Fastest in a car? - HisHonour {P}
When I was a callow youth I was stopped on the M2 while driving my 1957 Beetle. Asked how fast I was going I had to say I had no idea as the speedo stopped after 70 mph. Mr Plod told me they had clocked me at 92 mpfh (downhill with the wind behind me) but that on this occasion they would not report me as he doubted anyone would actually believe them!

Since I became a Judge 4 years ago, I have, of course, NEVER driven at over 70 mph!

Some years before my elevation I did manage an indicated speed of 145 in my Rover 820 - very briefly.
Fastest in a car? - ajit

Notice that you had a 309 sri. I had one - it was was most understated discreet road rocket ever - neither the cops or thieves ever looked at it.

Why did I buy it? Actually went to look at a 205GTI which was too ropey for the price. The salesman tossed the keys of the 309 and said have a go - I took it on a B road and came back smiling. I also managed 115 (it wouldn't be D249FEG by any chance ?)

I loved that car - kept it for four years and put 60000 miles on it.

Fastest in a car? - Hugo {P}

I had my 309 SRi for 3 years until it was written off in Nov 2001 at a mere 79,500 miles. I had the clutch changed only 4K before!

Re was D866BBY - My dad had driven it from new.

By the time it was written off I was tending to use it as the 'scruffy car'. My main car was (and still is) the Xantia 2.0 16V (130BHP standard!) so the 309 was a bit underpowered by comparison.

The nice thing was that, apart from the alloys, there was nothing to set the car apart from other 309s. So when I floored it to get rid of pest drivers, no one could anticipate its potential.

I felt that the 205s were not good value for money, although I was tempted with a CTI that needed a new engine, after mine was written off. It should have been a straight swap. Unfortunately SWMBO woud not have even considered it.

Fastest in a car? - SteveH42
Got about a ton out of my mother's old (very, very old and very, very knackered) Saab 900 a good few years back. I think I touched the ton in my 1.4 Tipo over on the Isle of Man, but the thing was shaking so much you couldn't really tell! (And I backed out of it PDQ at that point...) Would like to take the Yaris over there sometime and try again - it has no trouble getting to 85 on the motorway now and then, so should top the ton easily.
Fastest in a car? - David Lacey
150mph somewhere in Somerset in a BMW M5 - I wasn't driving Officer ;-)

No, it's not big and it's certainly not clever.
Fastest in a car? - Mattster
Had 125 out of my Alfa 156 recently (with more spare) but didn't dare stay there long as encounter with plod a year ago got me a month's ban (105 in an Escort 1.6) and I can't risk getting caught again - until that ban's expired. Tut tut...

Once did 130 in an XR3i.

But 90 odd in an old Vauxhall Chevette while watching the temperature gauge rise was more white-knuckled!
Fastest in a car? - Pugugly {P}
On the stops (155) in my old man's 7 series two years ago, Germany of course.
Fastest in a car? - Tom Shaw
60mph on a long bendy downhill section in France. Frightening on a bicycle with paper thin tyres, rubber brake blocks and no helmet or protection of any sort.

One thorn and it would have been home in a body bag.
Fastest in a car? - bighammerman
92 in a Bedford YRQ coach converted to stock car carrier

158 indicated in a Supra Turbo brand new at the time 1989 with 2000 miles on clock

similar time 140 indicated in a Sierra Cossie 600 miles on clock , silly man for giving me the keys to his new company car
Fastest in a car? - No Do$h
Not the fastest, but the most amusing aerodynamically.....

130 indicated in my 156 JTD sportwagon....... with a roofbox full of skis on the roof. And they stayed there.

Fastest in a car? - bernie
Well it seems we are all potential visitors to HM Prisons.

Me ? an indicated 150 or thereabouts on a Yamaha Fazer 600 somewhere in Scotland.

PS 150 indicated is probably about 138.
Fastest in a car? - No Do$h
.... making mental note to self ....

Must buy a Honda VFR next year. No good for skiing (I could always lay the skis across the pillion.... until the first traffic jam), but much fun!!!
Fastest in a car? - Mattster
What is all this "indicated 150 is probably 138"? Is there a conspiracy amongst car manufacturers that I don't know about? We all know our car's theoretical top speed as it is published, so why would they make speedos that over-read and make us think we're exceeding our car's top speed?

It surely can't be to provide added excitement to the likes of us. Maybe it is to make their cars seem faster to compete (commercially, that is) with other cars. In which case, why don't they crank it up a bit further?

The most likely explanation would be to dupe us into driving slower than we realise, thus conforming to speed limits more often. But what percentage of the driving public genuinely attempt to adhere to the speed limit at all times and don't simply drive at a judged reasonable speed (or as fast as the car in front)?

At any rate, surely it would be a bit iffy legally to install mis-reading speedos?

Has anyone scientifically proven that theirs is off-kilter (more than just counting a few white posts!)?
Fastest in a car? - No Do$h

Two different sat-nav sytems (Destinator and Garmin) offering 0.10mph speed readings on a straight-as-a-dye stretch of road showed 127.3 and 127.7 when the speedo showed approx. 133-135

Likewise at an indicated 60, the two sat-navs showed 58.2 and 58.5.

I put it down to worn tyres and Italian workmanship (that's Alfas for you.....)
Fastest in a car? - sean

I think you will find that a lot of people would like their car to appear to be 10% faster and 10% more economical than it is.

(Which it can be, perfectly legally).

Not only is the speedo allowed +/- 10% accuracy, but so is the mileometer.

The old gimmer, in lane 3, doing 63mph thinks you're a complete upstart, Sir.

He won't break the law and get out of your way.

And, yes. Look at a Police Chronometric, calibrated speedo, and you will find much work done to change it.

Then there's tyres. What rolling radius have you with your new alloys?

All sorts of errors can creep in, you know.
Fastest in a car? - Ben {P}
On the A1(m) at 1am with no cars i site my ancient Jetta 16v managed 138/139 on the speedo about 18months ago. It was a bit silly- but i couldnt see much chance of affecting anyone else. I just wanted to know what the power output was. My guesstimate is that i was very nearly doing 130mph, which i thought was quite impressive.

On the same road got an indicated 139 in a t5 auto on new front tyres, looked a bit quicker than the jetta a the same indicated speed. would of done a bit more but lifted off. Fast enough considering my present driving ability.

But most dangerous of all was 58mph on a mountian bike while slip streaming a guy on a serious racing bike. At the bottom of the hill he looked at my over inflated offroad tyres and shook my hand.

Fastest in a car? - smokie
Sean - the speedo can over-read but not under-read, to my knowledge. Hence the tendency to over-read, so the manufacturer is erring on the side of safety.
Fastest in a car? - sean
Do you know, I think you're right Smokie.

I seem to remember there being an addition about a set mph, but the point I wanted to make was 70mph indicated at 63mph true and 55mpg vs 50mpg true.

I must say, too, that I've warmed very much to your posts.

You have a very analytical mind. my friend.

Thank you.
Fastest in a car? - smokie
Thank you Sean... :-) {but suspicious, LOL}
Fastest in a car? - Woody
I drove up the A1M one evening on my way to Middlesborough for a business meeting the following morning. Doing a steady ton I followed two Ducati motorcycles.

We then turned on to the deserted A19, whereupon they accelerated and I thought "what the hell, why not".

Flat out I did an indicated 135 mph for several miles, yet still couldn't get near to keeping up. They were doing 150+ IMHO.

The car was a 2.0 Honda Accord and it was still refined (bar a VTEC growl which I always liked) and solidly glued to the road.
Fastest in a car? - No Do$h
I followed two Ducati motorcycles.

Until they broke down in a cloud of steam, puddle of oil, accompanied by their own electrical storm........

Whereas a Triumph Daytona would have just stopped with a wheeze and a splutter.
Fastest in a car? - trancer
At the tender age of 17 I bought my first car, a 10 year old, 1978 6.6 litre V8 Trans-Am (Smokey and The Bandit car). Less than an hour after handing over the cash I headed for the highway and buried the pedal. I saw the needle sweep past 100mph, but after that the whole car was shaking too much to make anything else out. I had one hand gripping the A pillar for extra leverage to hold the steering wheel steady. I had to do that as the car was equipped with very slippery vinyl seats and the seatbelts were cut out of the car by the previous owner. And no, the thought of letting up didn't cross my mind until I ran out of clear road.

I may have bettered that speed in my 1989 Mustang GT, but I backed off at 130mph as the car was wandering in and out of the lane too much and I remember not enjoying that at the time.

On the bikes:

1993 CBR900RR, 155 indicated while trying to keep a modded Supra Turbo in sight. I still have vivid images of that car's rapidly disappearing tailights.

1997 TL1000S, 185 indicated on too many occasions to mention. After a while even that kind of speed gets boring and you do get beat up quite a bit by the buffeting wind. TLs don't usually go that fast, but mine had modified gearing which threw off the speedo so actual speed was probably closer to 160.

Oh, none of the above took place anywhere near UK roads so that makes it quite safe....for you lot. ;-)
Fastest in a car? - THe Growler
I followed two Ducati motorcycles.

>>Until they broke down in a cloud of steam, puddle of oil, >>accompanied by their own electrical storm........

>>Whereas a Triumph Daytona would have just stopped with a >>wheeze and a splutter.

....and I'd have cruised on by on my Harley with a friendly wave.
Actually I wouldn't, the real bro's stop for bikers.

Really that fast you think - A2B
I'm not an expert by far but I must say I am somewhat sceptical of theses so called top speeds achieved. I think some here have been honest while others perhaps think their cars are alot quicker than they actually are. A 1.6 escort should have a top speed of about 115 if really pushed for about 10 minutes and going down a hill. Speedos are less accurate the faster you go as well.

My humble opion anyway
Bike shenanigans - Sigma
Indicated 220mph at 10000rpm but keeps accelerating to 11000rpm!!

It looks like the uk, and he appears to be riding on the left. Some people are just a bit mad.

Bike shenanigans - Altea Ego
Not the uk, yellow line down the side of the road (and its not a parking restriction!)

that was 10-220 in 23 seconds. 0-60 in 4 seconds 0-100 in 6 seconds. Carried the wheelie to 140.

Bike shenanigans - trancer
"It looks like the uk, and he appears to be riding on the left."

Its actually here in South Florida. He is a local rider with a turbo-charged Hayabusa, a bike that will already do 190 (radar verified) straight out of the box. That speedo looks very impressive, but it is misleading. His model Hayabusa came with a 185mph speedo whereas the older models had the 220mph. He simply swapped his 185 face for a 220 face.

The speed at which the needle reaches 220/185 is still mind boggling though, especially since he was in a wheelie earlier which reduces some of the forward thrust.

"Some people are just a bit mad."

Certainly looks that way, but on that road, on a Sunday morning, you could maintain that speed for a long time before encountering other traffic and there are no side streets or junctions for miles. The biggest risk there would be sugar cane that has fallen from one of the transport trucks or wildlife straying onto the road. Even at a more sedate speed, hitting a 5ft long alligator would certainly ruin your day. 8-)
Fastest in a car? - MonkeyFunk
around 125mph in a cavalier sri 130 (e reg 1987) saloon

Fastest in a car? - robZilla
Fastest I've ever *driven* is ~110mph in a 1987D Volvo 340GLE Saloon (1.7l carb engine [Renault I think] and yes, it took about 10 minutes to get there!)

Fastest I've *been* driven is an indicated 146mph in a 1999S BMW 540i (and yes, I was scared).
Fastest in a car? - paul45
Just remembered another - 125 mph in a 1978 1300 Alfasud with 3 other six formers on the way back from the Yorkshire Dales, back in 1982, M6 southbound coming down to the River Ribble (Jct 31 I think). All feeling extremely hungover after significantly less than it would take now. Ahhhhh the folly of youth :)

p.s. Those Alfasuds were quick for their day or it certainly seemed that way at the time !!
Fastest in a car? - Ben {P}
I think some manufacturers might deliberately build a 5-8% over-read margin into the speedos, to stop them being sued by motorists caught speeding.
Fastest in a car? - cholin
Whats the fastest anyone's ever driven in a car?

Fastest in a car? - robZilla
> Why?

Judging from the number of posts to this thread, it is clearly a subject that interests a lot of people.
Fastest in a car? - cholin
Not showing off, then?
Fastest in a car? - Mark (RLBS)
>>Not showing off, then?

Perhaps, but that would have exactly what to do with you ?

If Dave or I object, we will remove it. So far we haven't.
Fastest in a car? - No Do$h
...trying for a spot of Mark-baiting.....

I see nobody has recorded a speed in an SUV. Or a Freelander.

I'll close the door on my way out

Fastest in a car? - Mark (RLBS)
you forgot your coat.
Fastest in a car? - cholin
Well Mark
As robnorton says it clearly interests a lot of people. So I ask why. What exactly has it to do with you what it exactly has to do with me? And where does 'object' come in? Didn't see anyone objecting, I'm not objecting only asking.
I can only conclude it takes a finely tuned and somewhat sensitive nature to attain these high speeds, I must put some go faster stripes on my skate board and join the club.
Fastest in a car? - cholin
Please insert another 'exactly' (preceded by a comma) between 'me' and the question mark in the above.
Fastest in a car? - trancer
In my case it was simple curiosity. I wanted to see how fast my various cars and bikes could go. I wouldn't call it showing off as I was alone at the time of the "trials" and it would be pointless to put my life in danger for the purpose of boasting as I could very well have just left the car parked on the drive and run around telling everyone I just did 300+mph.

As for the purpose of this thread, well I can't answer for the originator, but in my case I found the number of people who have tried for top-end speed much more interesting than the actual MPH numbers posted. It goes to show that there are still people out there interested in what their vehicles are capable of, not just resale value or how many airbags they are equipped with.

Nothing wrong with people who only concern themselves with that other stuff though.
Fastest in a car? - Hugo {P}
I think that it is threads like these that are fine examples of good pub talk on the net.

I'm pleased that it's been allowed to continue. I don't see that it condones excessive speeds on our roads but that it may serve as a useful curiosity tool.

It also makes me well aware what todays cars are capable of. Just your ordinary Xantia that you could buy for a few hundred quid is capable of speeds that were the preserve of the higher marks some 15 years ago.

Fastest in a car? - Garethj
145 in a Jaguar XJ-S V12 and it was still accelerating. Doing about 2 mpg at that speed though!

Best speedy fun was in an Alfasud Sprint, only about 110 flat out (eventually) but that car was a demon around the open curves. Really close ratio gearbox, it had 5 speeds but they all felt like 3rd.

Fastest in a car? - cholin
Before I retire from this thread gracefully I hope I wasn't trying to hi-jack it,I would like to clear something up. My original question "Why?" was aimed at finding out why it was important to know fastest speeds? Which I think is now being answered
It was not meant to ask why start such a thread? Obviousely Phoenicks was interested to know and what better place to ask?
I thought Mark was a bit stern with me, didn't you. Pehaps he misread my intentions.
Fastest in a car? - 3500S
125 in a Rover 623, it felt very light under the front wheels and so I backed off at 5,000rpm, it was still pulling so I reckon it was maybe good for 135.

100 in the 3500S, the pursuing 'ancient' Nova SR backed off, good to know the old lady can still lift her skirt and show a good turn of speed. It was probably really only 94-96mph though. I slowed down after proving the point and catching a quick sideways glance as they passed, the passenger in the Nova was laughing his head off at being done by a thirty year old car.

Without a GPS, the best way to measure how good your speedo is, measure the mile between emergency phone boxes on the motorway, they are placed at one mile intervals. I remember a 60mph spell in the 3500S and I measured 62mph.

Also 99% of speedos overestimate speed not underestimate.
Fastest in a car? - Andy P
191mph in a Ferrari F40 on the back straight at Oulton Park. Absolutely fantastic experience...

Fastest in a car? - bugged {P}
Andy P I think that makes you the fastest back roomer so far!!!
Fastest in a car? - Rojer
58.3 miles an hour avarage in the middle lane from M1 Northwood to Bishop Auckland on a Sunday Afternoon

Signed, Ohh those naughty people doing 73 mph and more in the fast lane. Naughty naughty naughty! You shouldn't be doing more than 70 you know! I think people have accidents because the human body can't travel at more than 70 miles and hour without feelign dizzy. And some people undetake at speeds in excess of 70 in the 'slow lane too' .. and other press their horn even though I am fully aware of them.

Very naughty indeed.
Fastest in a car? - MrWibble
Recently a bit more sedate although I did 130 mph on a quiet A33 dual carriageway b/w Reading and Basingstoke in a 318ti - very fast road - don't usually go over 95 on that road but it was a courtesy car ... and I did it the courtesy of filling its lungs a little. Any noticed that once you move onto the normal A33 Hampshire's finest have been out in force recently ? Usually only just a van parked up in sneaky spots a couple of times a week from 8 - 9 am but they had a Transit with two cameras pointing out of a rear window recently just past the Sherfield Park housing development (the new roundabout if you know the road) together with 4 - 5 bikes waiting to pursue.

In 1993 I did 112mph on the M1 following a 911 - indicated 120 - how do I know ? Some friendly chaps in a following white Senator I didn't spot until it passed me were kind enough to send me a letter a week later letting me know.
Fastest in a car? - DL
That bike - isn't the speedo in kmh?
Fastest in a car? - Altea Ego
That bike - isn't the speedo in kmh?

I thought that, but looking on a high res monitor I can make out the km/hr markings and they are even more!
Fastest in a car? - Kevin
Any noticed that once you move onto the normal A33
Hampshire\'s finest have been out in force recently? Usually
only just a van parked up in sneaky spots a couple of times a
week from 8 - 9 am but they had a Transit with two cameras
pointing out of a rear window recently just past the
Sherfield Park housing development (the new roundabout if you
know the road) together with 4 - 5 bikes waiting to pursue.

I travel that section of the A33 each way every day. The first thing I learned was that you can overtake everything in sight on the two or three sections where it is safe but everyone you\'ve overtaken will be in the same queue as you at the traffic lights at each end, so it\'s best to just sit back and go with the flow. Even more so with the recent camera activity.

Over the last few months Hampshire\'s finest have had the mobile camera at a few spots on the A33 and not just at 8 - 9am.

Their favourite locations are:

Between Reading Road roundabout and Chineham Business Park roundabout, on the verge next to the bus stop. Trapping Reading bound traffic on the 50mph dual carriageway despite the fact that the Reading Road roundabout itself is where the most accidents have occured. Usually seen during morning commute hours.

Chineham Business Park roundabout. Parked under the railway bridge in the central reservation, trapping Basingstoke bound traffic on the 50mph dual carriageway. This one is particularly devious and I\'ve only seen them operating during evening commute hours.

On the bridge over the River Loddon trapping both directions at any time.

In the car park of the Jekyll and Hyde pub, both directions at any time but not seen for a few months. Maybe the pub owners have told them to clear-off.

Opposite the Little Chef just near Wellington Monument, again both directions at any time.

Opposite Wellington monument, trapping Basingstoke bound traffic. There have been lots of accidents at this junction and the road needs to be changed. Speed restrictions aren\'t going to solve this one. I\'ve only seen this one during late afternoon.

Of these six locations, only the Wellington monument one could justify a camera on safety grounds and then only as a temporary measure. Stopping a righthand turn either onto or off the B3011 would be a much better solution.

Fastest in a car? - Blue {P}
These aren't speed cameras, they are ANP cameras or something like that. As you pass they read your number plate, see who owns the car, whether it is insured, reported stolen, has any outstanding warrants for the owner of the car, and loads of other checks. They'll son be able to tell if the car has an MOT certificate.

Basically, if you are a known criminal, or driving a dodgy car, you don't want to drive past one of those things, they report back to the operator in about 1.5 seconds, and then they have a variety of vehicles ready to chase after any dodgy cars. Our local ones had armed response vehicles at the scene ready to give pursuit. As they are used to help target known criminals...

Fully support this of course... Was just a bit worrying the first time I saw one myself and then drove past about 4 T5's and a couple of bikes all waiting for the first dodgy car to pass... Was praying that my details were stored correctly with the DVLA! :-)

Fastest in a car? - Mattster
Perhaps the emergency phone boxes are placed slightly less than a mile apart as part of the same conspiracy that sets speedos to overread?
Fastest in a car? - ShereKhan
I managed to get 125 quite easily in dads Rover 620. It can probably go on to 135 too. The steering seemed fine on it though

Volvo 360GLT saloon 115mph (Felt like being on a barge - got a bit seasick too!)

Proton Persona 125mph (very scary car - steering became very light!!)

Tigra 1.4 120mph (England vs Argentina match was on at the time)

Vectra 2.0LS 135mph (with four people and luggage!!)

Lancia Y 1.1 160kph (It sounded very ill afterwards)

Citroen C3 1.4HDi 205kph (Nearly ran out of Diesel driving at this speed)

Fiat Uno 60S mk2 110mph (It did this speed quite often - Considering the car had 118k on the clock it was great)

Rover 214SEi mk2 125mph
Peugeot 306 2.0 Cabrio 124mph (With hood down and windows up!)

306 2.0 SE Cabriolet
Fastest in a car? - Cyd
Acceleration-wise a Formula Ford 2000. Boy, were they hairy!!

Speedo reading wise - 165 indicated in a V12 XJS.

Bike wise - 190 indicated, I was on the back!!

All mph BTW.
Fastest in a car? - Andy P
A few years back, I was extremely lucky to have a ride in the passenger seat of a Ferrari F40 around Oulton Park. Down the back straight, without the chicane in place, the car reached a radar-measured 195mph. Absolutely awesome machine....

Fastest in a car? - M.M
See I knew the human body wasn't designed to withstand such speeds...look what it does to the memory.


Fastest in a car? - LongDriver {P}
Gained 4mph in the memory loss as well
Fastest in a car? - Phoenicks
I'm jealous (immensely!) but i thought you did 191 not 195? bit picky i know but just checking....


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