Fiat Uno Coolant Leak - wonderwheels
A friend has a 1992 1.0L Uno. The car has been overheating. Had a quick look and after topping up the coolant, noticed a leak from a hose going into the coolant pump. Doesn't look as though there is a jubilee clip or anything.Just the hose straight in. The water is also very brown with rust. Does the hose have to be replaced or is there another way of stopping the leak
Fiat Uno Coolant Leak - Malcolm_L
Very unusual not to have some form of retainer on a hose, especially a feed into the coolant pump.
Suggest putting a jubilee clip on the hose to secure it and then check that the coolant leak stops - if the leak does stop then use a flushing agent to clear out the old coolant and crap and then drain and top-up with new coolant (with a summer anti-freeze to prevent rust).
Is there any suggestion of water in the oil (mayo round the oil filler cap, etc)?
Fiat Uno Coolant Leak - wonderwheels
No. I initially thought that the head gasket may have been the problem but the oil looks fine. Thanks for the info. The hose fits to the INSIDE of the pump not the outside, so I am not sure how a jubilee clip will work. Looks as though the car has been neglected a bit.
Fiat Uno Coolant Leak - Another John H
Which engine is it?

exhaust at the front (near the rad), or at the back.

The "FIRE" engine (with the exhaust at the front) has a metal pipe into the back of the pump - it is sealed with an "O" ring, and the pipe has a bracket part way along which is bolted to the engine.

It's usual for the pipe to rust through*, especially if the coolant hasn't been changed in living memory: see another thread...

I can't remember the arrangement on the 903 pushrod engine, but could look in HAYNES later tonight.


John H

*alloy block and mild steel pipe - usually separated by the "O" ring.
Fiat Uno Coolant Leak - wonderwheels
Thanks again. Wish I hadn't offered to help!!. I am sure the exhaust is at the front of the engine. The coolant is dripping from the pump, but as I mentioned previously, teh rubber hose appears to just "push in" to the pump. There are no clips around it. The coolant is dripping on to the oil filter and running onto the road. I am not sure if even putting a jubilee clip around this hose would be able to stop the leak as the hose is going INSIDE the pump.
Fiat Uno Coolant Leak - Pete
Is this a carb or SPI FIRE type engine ? (Yes it will be a FIRE type )
Fiat Uno Coolant Leak - Another John H
From what you've described about the location of the leak it's identical to the problem I had with my Panda.

I stick with my fix: it's a steel tube, with "O" ring which goes into the back of the waterpump.
The ring is 70 odd pence, but it'll almost certainly be the pipe (new ring provided with pipe).

part 0007545122 (likely to be the same, but check)
was 12.12 UKP plus VAT in January this year - it might have gone up by now.

When you take the old one off, place the old and new side by side standing on the end which fits the pump. Make sure the fixing bracket bolt holes are the same distance from the end: it took me a while to work out why the blessed bolt wouldn't fit!


John H
Fiat Uno Coolant Leak - Pete
If you decide to do the job yourself, ensure that when draining, re-filling and bleeding the system, the heater control on the dash is set to "HOT"
Fiat Uno Coolant Leak - wonderwheels
thanks for the advice. How easy is it for the pipe to be removed from the pump?. How is it done. I am certain it IS a FIRE engine. Should I be able to carry out this repair easy enough.
Fiat Uno Coolant Leak - Pete
As previously stated, the metal pipe is retained by one nut sited behind the exhaust manifold. Remove the nut and pull the pipe from the back of the pump. Recommend you do not attempt this until you have ( at least ) a new "O" ring available.
Fiat Uno Coolant Leak - Another John H
The removal is easy, undo:

a jubilee clip at the far end of the pipe (rubber hose to the bottom of the radiator).

one (maybe 10mm AF) bolt, location described by Pete.

pull the metal pipe out of the rear of the pump.

get soaked in antifreeze.

Refitting is a bit more difficult* - it needs a good shove into the pump, then there's the bolt to refit. As per my previous post, make sure the bracket hole position is the same, otherwise you can't locate the bolt: it looks like the pipe isn't in quite far enough.. you can only push it in so far.

Take care with bleeding the system afterwards.
There are bleed screws on the top lefthand end of the radiator, and also _in_ one of the hoses from the heater (behind the throttle body).

To get the heater bled you might need to rev the engine up a bit to get enough pressure to fill the heater matrix.
The bleed is in the return.

You might want to fill it with water if you just do the "O" ring, to see if you've fixed it.
If you have, partially drain and top up with a 2 or 3 of litres of neat antifreeze, and the balance in water for something approaching a 50% mix.

My money's still on the pipe being corroded :-(


John H

* due to the location of the catalyser on my particular "car" I ended up taking the oil filter off to improve access. There weren't many with the cat. in the downpipe though, most are under the car.

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