Primera engine speed problem - Primera_p
Hello again,

On my way to work this am I noticed my engine speed was stuck at about 4000rpm.

I stopped the car and 15 minutes later the problem had disapeared.

I had the head gasket recently replaced and I have experienced similar problems when it was overheating.

This morning however the engine temp was normal and the coolant in the tank was normal.

I checked the acc cable and it was ok.

Can anyone suggest why this might have occurred??

Thanks in advance
Primera engine speed problem - Primeria Richard
I have a 2.0 1992 Primera and have a similar problem. It seems not to be as bad as yours (stuck at 4000rpm is always interesting at the lights) but often when the engine is hot after long journeys it will rise to around 2000. Nothing I can do alters it and it usually sorts itself out.

I can be of no help whatsoever but there must be someone out there who can. Come on lads.
Primera engine speed problem - steve52
I wonder if the ECU fault codes would give any clues if interrogated?

Value my car