Damp Passenger Footwell - flatfour
My car has been back to the dealer 5 times now for a damp footwell, each time they reseal the air con tubes or something under the dash, they have fitted all sorts requiring taking the carpet out etc. It still gets slightly damp, on wet days or humid days the dampness is worse, the water is clean doesn't show up, or leave a stain.
Could this be internal condensation from the cold pipes in the air con? or is it a leaking pipe from the overflow, or do all cars suffer from damp footwells with aircon?
Damp Passenger Footwell - Claude
No, aircon doesnt cause damp footwells. In fact, if the aircon is working correctly the air inside the cabin has been dried and it will not condense on cold windows or pipes (one of the benefits of running the aircon in winter). If it gets damp on rainy days then I would suspect water coming in from outside.
Pick a dry day, use a small stream of water from a hose and direct it onto various parts around the winscreen, airvents and body seams. Dont forget the side doors and windows as well. You'll need to let it run for five minutes in each location to have a chance of finding where the water is coming in. Another place to look (from underneath the vehicle) is to check whether any blanking plugs or grommets are missing from low down on the engine bulkhead or the transmission tunnel (handbrake) which might allow road spray to find a way in. I've had both problems in the past.
Damp Passenger Footwell - Bogwheeler
You don't mention the make of car, but I've experienced similar problems with a Golf a few years back (and with my step-son's MkII Golf just recently. Open the bonnet and check that the drain holes in the scuttle beneath the air inlet grill for the heater/ventilation aren't blocked with leaves and debris etc. If they are, water can accumulate and leak into the car's interior. With some vehicles this can also cause electrical problems.
Damp Passenger Footwell - Aprilia
I agree with Bogwheeler. Air-con condensate is leaking into the car because the external drainage tube is blocked and/or you have a badly sealed evaporator housing. This will be worse on humid days because more condensate is produced.
Damp Passenger Footwell - flatfour
My Saab dealer has agreed today that it is condensate leak, but has resealed all the joints etc. 3 times, checked the external drainage, they have had it running in the garage, no leaks, then when i run it for acouple of days the carpets wet again.
Damp Passenger Footwell - Hugo {P}
How is the passenger door seal?


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