Fuel Pump Diagnosis - VWDan
Hi All

I have a VW Passatt estate on a 'G' Plate. Having starting problems recently, ended up getting RAC bloke out!!

He hit the fuel pump in the boot and it started, reckons that means it's the fuel pump sticking?

Anyone have a way of testing rather than spending £110 for a new one and discovering that actually it's just the £8 relay or something stupid?


Fuel Pump Diagnosis - sean
These pumps do fail Dan as they are situated inside the tank and have to cope with water in the dregs etc.

I would not buy a new one as they used the same pump from about 1982 to date.

You can go to any scrapyard and whip one out in 5 mins, for about a tenner.

Take a big stillson spanner to undo the enormous collar screwing it all in.
Fuel Pump Diagnosis - VWDan
Ok Sean I will.

Wasn't sure wether i would be able to get scrap in case they had several varients of the same pump.

Do you know if they are all in the boot via a plate and screws?

Fuel Pump Diagnosis - sean
The easy way is to find an estate car.

I used to have a Passat Estate, 1990 "H" regd. That is how I know this.

On the Golf and Passat estates you undo a plate pretty much in the centre of the boot, around the wheel well.

Under that is a bottle stopper type thing. Black plastic and about 6 inches diameter.

Serious torque to unscrew that. No screws but a lumping great threaded thing. You know jars, like jam or marmalade? That sort of ring but 6" diameter.

You pull off 2 rubber pipes, each half inch diameter, undo an electrical block and then sweat to undo the ring.

Just thought. It's like one of those war films where they defuse a bomb. Just that sort of ring.
Fuel Pump Diagnosis - Cliff Pope

Just thought. It's like one of those war films where they
defuse a bomb. Just that sort of ring.

And almost as dangerous! If this gives open access to the top of the tank, avoid sparks. Just tapping a wrench or hammer on the rim can be enough. It is probably safer if the tank is full.
Fuel Pump Diagnosis - VWDan
Hi Sean and Cliff

Thanks for the help.

Just found one at my local breakers for £30 (!!) the tank is empty all ready as it is in the scrap yard, but i will depressurise the system anyway!



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