Wandering Golf steering - peter101
I have a 1986 Golf. The problem is that everytime I accelerate the car, (without moving the steering wheel) the car moves to the right (steering wheel even moves slightly, if holding it loosely). When I take my foot off the accelerator it drives straight again. This can be mostly felt during motorway driving. I have had the tracking adjusted (camber included), new tyres, and changed all the rubber bushes on the wishbones.

I have also checked that the brake calipers are not gripping, and they\'re fine.

Can anyone help. I\'m completely stuck?

Many thanks

Wandering Golf steering - Dynamic Dave
There's a thread lurking somewhere that previously mentioned about Golfs wandering. If I come across it, I'll report back later. If someone else comes across it before I manage to do so, even better.
Wandering Golf steering - sean
Almost certainly you haven't got enough toe-out on the front wheel tracking.

A front wheel drive car exerts steering effect when power is going through those front wheels.

The start-point is that all 4 wheels are parallel.

Then you adjust the track rod ends to bring the rear of the front tyre slightly closer together than the front of the front tyre (measured across the width of the car).

Dead easy to adjust.

What I do with my Golf is take a pair of axle stands. Tie thin string around each of them and put 1 each side of the car and behind it. Each other end of string goes onto the front bumper and is fed round each tyre, about 8" up from the ground.

Gives you a perfect straight edge to measure tyre toe-in/toe out.
Wandering Golf steering - Kuang
This might be way off the mark, but my old 85 MK2 used to wander a bit because the offside suspension top was giving out and the shock seemed to have a bit of twist in it as a result. Those are well known for going wonky, and replacing it cured the problem in my case.
Wandering Golf steering - Peter D
Check the rear axle beam bushes have not collapsed this may well be your problem. Peter


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