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Scenic rear door stuck locked - help! - Som
Hi, One rear door on my 1998 Scenic has stuck locked shut (no idea why. just wouldn't open one day). Neither inside or outside handle will open the door.
I've stripped off the interior panel and can move the lock button and internal handle 'rods' but cannot get the door to unlock.
Child lock is not on.
The central locking seems to try to work (can hear motor turn and rod moves).
Seems as though whatever connects the interior and exterior release handles to the lock mechanism has broken. Any idea how I can release the lock to open the door so I can get at it to fix?

Scenic rear door stuck locked - help! - David Lacey
You are just going to have to persevere......try spraying the latch mechanism with WD40 and working it in.

It might be worth bearing on the door and trying the handle - that often works by releasing the load on the catch...try it, you've nothing to loose.
Scenic rear door stuck locked - help! - Altea Ego
As David says, make sure the door is unlocked, then push on the door hard as you lift the handle. Try lifting some of the weight off the door with the handle (it may have dropped).
Scenic rear door stuck locked - help! - Som
Thanks for the advice, but no joy so far.
I've pushed and pulled but the door doesn't seem stuck, just locked.
Anyone know how these locks work? It seems as if whatever releases the catch when you pull the handle (inside or outside) is broken. I can feel a 'plunger' on the back of the lock mechanism that the exterior handle pulls down. When I pull this by hand nothing happens.
I think I knew where to poke something I could release the catch, but it's very hard to see/feel anything in the tight space.
Scenic rear door stuck locked - help! - Cyd
The symptoms sound very similar to problems I experienced when testing prototype superlocking latches. the way I used to get the door open was to dissconnect the hinges and checkarm and then swing the front of the door outwards - an assistant is useful. This should expose the door striker from the inside of the car and give you enough room to get in with a hacksaw blade and cut through it. Once the door is off the car you will be able to access the latch fixing screws to remove it.

Make sure you put the hinges back in the same place when you reassemble and re-establish the paint seal between door and hinge.
Scenic rear door stuck locked - help! - Som
Thanks. Bit more drastic than I was hoping for! I've stripped away the security cover and central locking soleniod so a lot of the mechanism is exposed now. Still can't unlock the damn thing though. If I knew for sure the lock was broken then there'd be no harm cutting it out I suppose. I had assumed it was just stuck somehow and pushing/wd40 in the right place would sort it.

Anyone know a good place to take this problem in Manchester? Do auto locksmiths do this stuff, or just keys/alarms? I want to avoid main dealer if possible.
Scenic rear door stuck locked - help! - Malcolm_L
Sounds like a right pink fluffy dice!
Given that the lock is definitely faulty and you\'ll have to
fit another - why don\'t you pick up a \'previously enjoyed\' lock which shouldn\'t cost much more than £20.
This will help you understand the mechanism which may help you
get the door undone - at worst you\'ve already got the spare.
Scenic rear door stuck locked - help! - Som
Just took it to a local back street garage and they got it unlocked, eventually. Like you suggested Malcolm_L they dug out a Renault lock with similar mechanism to check. Turns out the fix involved a long, thin screwdriver, a tiny hole in an inaccessible place and swearing.
Who knows why it stuck, probably will again... Ah well, only £20.

Thanks everyone for the advice!

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