Fiesta 97 Handbrake - linac eng
Fiesta 97 Handbrake -little or no braking effort to the n/s wheel. Noticed having trouble holding on a hill. Also when h'brake been applied for a while, a quiet bang can be heard from the drum after releasing the h'brake & moving off. (Almost as if the shoes were seizing on and then breaking free.

I plan to take a look at this tonight so I'm not really after a list of suggestions more a "This is a common fault and is due to the self a adjuster sticking" sort of thing which will hopefully take me straight to the problem.

Thanks in advance.
Fiesta 97 Handbrake - Dynamic Dave
With regard to the *banging* you hear when you release the handbrake, it sounds like the shoes are sticking and the way to cure this is to file a chamfer on the front and back edges of each shoe. Careful of the dust generated though - asbestos.
Fiesta 97 Handbrake - blank
- asbestos.

I think this is most unlikely in a 1997 car. However, beware any dust generated as breathing dust is BAD NEWS.
Fiesta 97 Handbrake - none
Probably to late now, but if I were you I'd have a new wheel cylinder and a set of shoes handy.
Fiesta 97 Handbrake - pmh
Did you ever resolve this?

My money would have been on a leaking wheel cylinder, contaminating the linings. Result no friction and then tendency to stick to drum surface.

Both my Fiestas (96 and 97) needed replaement cylinders after about 3 years. Both went weepy. but fluid loss was minute and disguised by pad wear.

pmh (was peter)
Fiesta 97 Handbrake - Civic8
"This is a common fault and is due to the self a adjuster sticking"

Not always the case.The handbrake mechanism inside the drum could be sticking giving that effect.The self adjuster if seized
will prevent the proper adjustment of the shoe`s not prevent brake from working correctly.But what has been said may also be the case so it is hard to say without having drum`s off.You may even have difficulty in getting the drum off.Let me know
Fiesta 97 Handbrake - buzbee
Probably one of the already mentioned, but just in case it turns out not to be, it might help to know my 97 Fiesta unbabalanced back brakes (failed 3rd MOT) turned out to be due to a faulty master cyclinder. I wonder whether there are a few of these about ? It was the instant response when I rang Ford after I had made sure the other bits were OK.

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