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Just had my 98S Mondeo with PowerShift Tartarini LPG conversion serviced by a Ford dealer that (used to) offer LPG conversions. I have a few questions following it that I would really appreciate some guidance on.

What should be changed along with the cambelt? Any tensioners, pulleys etc?

What fuel should the car be emmisions tested on? Its registered as petrol (too early to be taxed as LPG). Previous years its been Petrol, this year LPG, with the certificate saying LPG? Is this anygood to me, should Plod request to see my docs?

Finally (yes it was a bad day) They had a poster for special offer on wheel trims £30 for 4 (usually £50). I was told when I asked for a set that they don't do that offer, its a Ford Promotion, but could offer me a 20% discount. Surely they should honour it if advertised next to their service & parts reception?

Many thanks
Mondeo Cambelt & LPG MoT & adverts - Aprilia
MoT will be done 'as the car is presented' - i.e. if you drive up with it running on LPG then they will test it on LPG; if on petrol they test it on petrol.
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As far as the belt goes, replace belt, tensioner (modified) and both guide rollers. If any discernible play in water pump change it now and fit a new auxiliary belt.
Cant help withthe LPG and Tax I'm afraid.

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Mondeo Cambelt & LPG MoT & adverts - Jonathan Shaw
Is this advice for any cambelt engine or specific to Ford (1.8 )? IIRC from DT column HJ has indicated that Vauxhalls are more prone to failure.

The invoice says that only part F1112531 was fitted at a price of £23.84. I was quoted £90 parts which is what raised my concerns.

Thanks for the reply

Mondeo Cambelt & LPG MoT & adverts - Chas{P}

That part number is for just the timing belt plus a spring and retaining bolts but not the tensioners and guides. Price for the complete set up should have been £84.13 inc VAT, Part number 1112530.


Mondeo Cambelt & LPG MoT & adverts - Jonathan Shaw
Thanks for the post Aprilia

This is the arguement that they used, but the car ws presented will start on petrol, IIRC there is no need to rev a petrol engine for the test so it would have stayed on petrol while the manouvered it to the test bay.

Even so a call to ask me which fuel I wished it to be tested on would have been all that it took to resolve the problem. Pressing a dash button to make it run on petrol permamently is a matter of starting sequence.

Any ideas if its valid for getting tax etc?

Mondeo Cambelt & LPG MoT & adverts - Aprilia
No, one of my cars is 'dual fuel'. Low rate of tax is only available for 'LPG-only' cars.

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Petrol engines are revved during the emissions test, that would switch the system over.

I personally know of vehicles that would only pass the MOT running on LPG - as soon as petrol is introduced the CO & HC's go skyhigh.
Mondeo Cambelt & LPG MoT & adverts - Jonathan Shaw
Good News!

I got the garage to re MoT FoC - it passed :-)

FWIW idlespeed 2657
From what I can make out these appear very good results so, even on petrol it is a very clean car :)

Still not sure about the work they did on the cambelt.

Can anyone identify the part number?

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Did u ask them about the wheeltrims again?
I'd press the point, especially if they've been daft enough to leave the promotional poster up since your last visit.

Tell them politely but firmly that the offer is there in black and white (or whatever attention grabbing colour it is), and that as such you are not being unreasonable expecting them to come up with the goods as per the promotion.
If the service receptionist doesn't come up with the goods, ask for someone senior to speak to, they don't like it up 'em those Ford dealers!

Mondeo Cambelt & LPG MoT & adverts - Jonathan Shaw
No i let sleeping dogs lie. I have recieved a letter from their customer service folk so I may raise it again.

Mondeo Cambelt & LPG MoT & adverts - DL
Still.....the car went through the test OK......perhaps it is better to let sleeping dogs lie! Even though the offer is advertised there (prominently) you don't want to become a 'problem' customer, do you?!

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