People, dogs and the countryside - Hugo {P}
Bringing my chirldren back from a horseriding lesson the other day, Whilst travelling along a narrow country road at about 15mph I came across 3 labrador sized dogs.

Although the dogs were very friendly they were off a lead and were a bit of a nuicance to me and other traffic. Either side of me was farmland and some fields had sheep.

These dogs were not under control and I actually had to stop and wait for the owner to appear. When the owner appeared I politely suggested the use of leads.
"No need" came the reply "We're in the country now" At that point I didn't reply as I had the children with me. I would have only pointed out the nuicance that he was causing anyway.

Some people really make a career out of being ignorent.
People, dogs and the countryside - Cliff Pope
Some people really make a career out of being ignorent (sic).

Say no more
People, dogs and the countryside - Pugugly {P}
Typical I'm afraid - I have footpaths crossing my land, and some of the fields have sheep grazing on them (not mine !) people seem to think its ok to allow their dogs to roam free poohing everywhere. All my dogs are stock trained, but generally they are on leads if out.
People, dogs and the countryside - Mark (RLBS)
I'm amazed people take the risk. Even the friendliest dog can cause a road accident and land you in a whole pile of expense, not to mention the dog getting hurt.

Mine are trained around stock as well, but if the farmers around here saw them near sheep they'd shoot first and ask later. (Other than the local farmer who borrows them from time to time)
People, dogs and the countryside - Alf

Alf, care to post again? This time without the swearing maybe? DD.
People, dogs and the countryside - Obsolete

Isn't it an offence not to keep a dog under control? I am sure that someone could be done for causing a road accident by allowing a dog to roam.

Many local nature reserves are not pleasant to visit due to the 'doggy' nature of the paths. There is one in particular where it is hard to walk without fouling ones shoes. The smell of the place is awful. These places are little more than dog toilets.

I have had several instance of someone with a dog on a long lead nearly tripping me up due to the dog running round me. I bet these are the same morons who hog lane 2, park on a round about, stick their arm out the window to cool their hand and hence look as if they are signalling a right turn, move from the hard shoulder of a motorway to lane 1 at < 10 mph in front of oncoming traffic (seen again this weekend), drive too close to cyclists and so on. Bring back eugenics. (Not entirely serious.)
People, dogs and the countryside - flatfour
I have a dog that I always keep on a lead, and pick up it's pooh. I walk my local footpaths and roads with my dog and we get attacked by other dogs off lead, thier owners either 100yds ahead or behind thier dog. I'm the sucker that goes home with pooh on his shoes. YES IT DOES GET ME ANNOYED. I have frequent arguements with owners who insist they don't have to keep dogs on leads while on the highway. Why do a few ruin this for the majority?
People, dogs and the countryside - Hugo {P}
I suspect that this chap was a holiday maker down for a week in the sticks to mingle with the peasants.

He probably thought that is was appropriate to let the dogs off the leads as it wasn't the M25.

The problem is that if I had hit one of the dogs I suspect he would have held be totally responsible.

Another experience I had was when just after I had passed my test. A lovely golden retriever just ambled out of a driveway on a country lane. I managed to do every emergency procedure in the book and avoided it. I went to have a polite word with the owner and his response was 'Well he's got to have his freedom'

I simply pointed out that the dog nearly caused an accident and I hoped that he was properly insured for his own sake incase of negligence. Also, in any case it would be a shame for such a nice dog to come to grief in this way

The next time I drove past that house the dog was enjoying the summer sun but was tethered on a length of rope that was long enough to alow him to go round the garden without straying onto the road.

So win win

People, dogs and the countryside - Pugugly {P}
Reminds me of a case I was involved with a few years ago. A German Shepherd jumped out from its garden and went to play with the traffic on a trunk road - result was a three car pile up with quite nasty internal injuries to a driver. The dog escaped (and re-captured by a Police Officer) uninjured. There was a mega claim against the owner whose household insurance coughed up
for the damage and some compensation to the poor female driver, who, I believe stills suffers the after effects of the accident about 7 years down the line. Goes to show how a little carelessnes can have devestating effects. The owners of the dog had moved up from the "smoke".
People, dogs and the countryside - Altea Ego
All I can say is that these owners must have no idea of vets bills. Before i got her my dog was chased out of a park by another dog, and ran under the wheels of a van. To save her life and restore a badly broken/torn leg cost £2500 - yes £2500!

Value my car