ZX/Xsara coolant - Bogwheeler
It's time to change the coolant on my 95 ZX Volcane TD.
I've heard it can be a pig of a job to get rid of air locks.
Anyone got any handy hints? The wife's Xsara (same 1.9TD) also needs doing.
ZX/Xsara coolant - Humpy
Cut the very bottom off a 2 litre coke/water bottle, place it upside down on the top of the radiator and use it as a header tank. Before refilling, remove all the bleed nipples then fill the upturned bottle with your coolant solution.

Since the level of water is much higher tan the highest point of the coolant system this should flush all the air out. When all the air has stopped rushing from the bleed holes replace the nipples. Lowest first.

Oh, you should probably have the heater knob turned to full heat to make sure the matrix gets flushed too.
ZX/Xsara coolant - Glutton
Have a look here


Everything you need in detail. It works!
ZX/Xsara coolant - Bogwheeler
Thanks - I'll give it a try!
ZX/Xsara coolant - Ben79
To get the self made header tank to fit better, pour some hot water into the bottle while pushing it onto the radiator.

On my 3rd Citroen. Saxo, Xsara, C5.
ZX/Xsara coolant - David Lacey
Better still, use one of those air-powered vacuum fillers - an excellant bit of kit. Finds cooling system leaks BEFORE you add the coolant.

It will fill the system with 100% coolant within 30 secs.

Bit expensive for DIY use though.

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