Hand car washes - SteveH42
Not sure if this has been discussed on here before - I can't find anything on the search, but what is the general opinion of these hand carwashes that seem to be appearing, certainly around here, a lot recently?

I've used one in Ashton before in my old Tipo that I wasn't too bothered about, and the results seemed OK, but I've read a few things about other car washes that makes me slightly reluctant to trust the Yaris to one. This one uses some pretty big pressure washers to cover the car in some 'snowfoam' which is then rubbed over with a cloth and blasted off with another washer. Seems to be a good job of getting the car clean, and my main reason for thinking about going is to get the full valet done, all carpets vacuumed etc, as it's looking at bit sad inside. It is worth it for about £15, or am I better off trying to do it myself and being sure nothing will get damaged?
Hand car washes - Hugo {P}
£15 is cheap for a full valet.

I'd go along and ask to see a car they had just done. If poss watch how they do it.

At least you should know what to expect on yours

Hand car washes - BobbyG
The only coverage these car washes get up here is slightly off the main topic - apparently a lot of them are fronts for drug dealers as a means of recycling money (pardon the pun). Apparently the cash in hand system works to their advantages. On a slightly different note, there is one near my work that I am amazed people use - it is on an old disused petrol forecourt, the ground is rough rubble and dirt and there are roadworks on the road leading up to it. So by the time you get your car washed and then 50 yards down the road its dirty again!
Hand car washes - smokie
"...means of recycling money"....

Surely you mean laundering money? :-)
Hand car washes - Marcos{P}
We have one of these up the road from me and when the Merc was covered in flies, you couldn't distinguish between the lights and number plates it was that bad, I took it up the road to them.
The results were suprisingly good but not perfect. I am very fussy when I wash the car so I picked holes but considering the state of it before it was a pretty good result.
And all for 15 quid which included cleaning the inside.
Hand car washes - tpac
Dont think I would go as far to say a wash and a hoover is a full valet, having said that, some valeters in this day and age dont know what is a FULL valet!!
Hand car washes - Marcos{P}
some valeters in this day and age dont know what is a FULL valet!!

Which is the exact reason why I normally wash it myself.
Hand car washes - Blue {P}
It\'s probably linked to the number of garages advertising their cars as been sold with a full valet when in fact they mean a wash and vac...

Hand car washes - drbe
Which car wash is that Marcos? Just give the post code if you wish, but I didn't think your comments were negative.
Don drbe
Hand car washes - Marcos{P}
Sorry it took so long to reply.
The car wash is called Luigi's and its just as you come into Hoddesdon from the A414 Amwell Roundabout next to the Texaco garage.
Hand car washes - Trilly
Suppose it depends on where you are. Near my place of work is Tescos (A3 New Malden) and they offer a hand car wash £4.5 outside only and £9.50 inside and out and that includes cleaning the inside of the windows. They even clean the door sills.

At these prices they are very popluar so timing it is important, too many cars and it can be a bit rushed. However, get the timing right and at £9.50 for a complete inside and out clean is very good. One thing I did notice is that whatever the use to clean the alloy wheels needs to be cleaned off as it is very strong and left a mark on the wheel as it was not rinsed off.

I always take my company car in there but my own car I wash myself, no subsitute for TLC.
Hand car washes - Hugo {P}
The great thing about hand washes is that you don't need to wind your areal down!

Hand car washes - Dynamic Dave
you don't need to wind your areal down!

Or even aerial. ;o)
Hand car washes - Rojer
For real .. aai!
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Hand car washes - Mark (RLBS)
Take it from me, you don't *need* to wind them down in an automatic car wash either. Course, it doesn't work so well afterwards and you get a bit wet..........
Hand car washes - Hugo {P}
Have you got it fixed yet Mark?

If so how?

Hand car washes - Mark (RLBS)
No, not yet. haven't had a second to breath. I'll let you know when/how.

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