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replacing an Audi A4TDI (130) - audigord

I am leaving my job shortly (redundant)which has the benefit of an A4TDI SE (130 bhp), I have had this from new since March 2002, the car has 23K on the clock and I can buy it for £14,900.

Can John (or anyone) recomend me buying the car at the price stated, or recomend another car (cheaper !) that would interest me, there is only the wife and I, so we don't necessarily need a large car. (note that I have had Audi cars since 1992).

I dont want top speed, just comfort and reliability, I would want either a 2002 or 2003 plate (not necessarily brand new).


replacing an Audi A4TDI (130) - bazza
You can spend an awful lot less than this and still have a decent car, eg nearly new Mondeo, Golf, the list is endless. 15K is a big wedge to shell out if you're not sure! I'd start from setting a budget and needs first, then decide if the Audi represents good value to you. I wouldn't rush, at the end of the day it's just a car and there's always another one round the corner.
replacing an Audi A4TDI (130) - Pat L
The Audi seems a good deal to me, but then I like Audis! Look at used cars on the official website and you'll see that similar cars are priced at about £18 or even more - not much below the price of a new one.

I'll be looking to buy a 130 (or perhaps 2.0 140?) in about 2 years - I think they look superb, especially the Avant.


replacing an Audi A4TDI (130) - Marcos{P}
The problem you will have is that most other cars will not have the feel of an Audi. Although most other cars are very good you will find that something is missing after driving Audis for so long.
I had the same problem when I gave up my Merc for 3 months and ended up driving a Focus. It was a great car and I would recommend it to anyone but after driving a Merc for so long there was something missing that I couldn't put my finger on and as soon as I bought a new Merc I then felt happy again.
replacing an Audi A4TDI (130) - rory
Based on personal experience can I suggest you try the 130 PD Passat ( Sport model, with 6-speed box, climate, 6-cd etc ) and I think you will be very, very pleasantly surprised.
replacing an Audi A4TDI (130) - DavidHM
Is it too much of a risk to recommend a new Mondeo 130 TDCi?
From £13k ish for the facelifted 04 model.

The Skoda Superb and the Passat are definitely worth a look, but might not offer enough of a saving against your Audi, which is after all a newer platform.

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