Peugeot 306XTDT Alarm - philip

Hope u can help on the above car? The drivers side door harness became faulty ( six cables parted). I purchased the repair kit from peugeot( what a pig to fit) & replaced but now i have lost 5 circuits all associated with the alarm the control box appears to be ok I have managed to obtain a circuit diagram of the alarm system and it shows a bank of two relays with a 15A fuse in between but I can not find the said relays I would be gratful for any advise I have checked my wiring harness repair 3 times and it is correct.

The day the door fault occured I had the alarm playing up the central door locking opened on the zapper but the alarm went off & the car would only start after several attempts this was after driving through a monsoon

Peugeot 306XTDT Alarm - David Lacey
I can't help wondering if the shorted/broken door loom has damaged the control unit.....

We replaced a 306 door loom t'other day to find the offside CDL motor wouldn't work......first thoughts were "Which wire did we mess up on?" but it soon turned out to be a faulty motor!

Coincidence or what?

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