Dumb qustion of the day - Phil P
Excuse me if I'm being a complete idiot, but can someone explain to me whether car wax and car polish are different items, or infact the same thing?

Having read items on how to maintain your car's paintwork, I've never seen it said that you should use a polish AND a wax, so does polish contain wax, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

I use Mer on my Focus twice a year, but should I be doing something extra (in addition to regular washes) to maintain it's paintwork?

Thanks in advance!
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Damn, I clicked on this hoping it would be "How do you spell that word for that thing you ask when you want find something out?"
Dumb qustion of the day - Blue {P}
Check out www.meguiars.co.uk

I think they have a section about this.

As far as I know, most polishes are actually polishes that also contain a wax protectant of some form...

Proper pure polish simply cleans and shines the paint, it has no protectant capabilities and must be followed up with some form of wax. E.g. Meguairs 3 step system.

I've found Mer to be OK, but nothing special at all when using it on my nana's last Toyota. The best that I have found is Auto Glymn Super Resing Polish, followed up by AG Extra Gloss Protection. I so this treatment twice a year to the car and it's still repelling water effectively after nearly 6 months...

I haven't tried Meguiars yet though, and most AG fans I know have ditched AG in favour of Meguairs after trying it, so I'm gonna give it a go soon. :-)
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www.meguiars.com will tell you everything you want to know about car care (and quite a lot you dont)
Dumb qustion of the day - Phil P
Cheers for that guys, interesting site.

Guess the real question of the day is how to spell qustion?


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