Flat Battery - Help - Dwight Van-Driver
Gentlemen - your attention please. Clear your minds of Speed Cameras, Limits,VW's and other inconsequental things and address your minds to my problem.

I have, which apart from an excellent driving position and ease of entry for an 18 stone, 6ft 2" person with athritic left knee, what must be one of Britains poorest made vehicles - a 1986 Landrover Discovery.

As a result of a flat battery in Nov 98 Garage diagnosed a faulty alternator and replaced. This did no good and in Jan 99 had to buy a HD Battery. Feb 01 battery again flat and would not hold charge. Auto Electricians checked vehicle electrical equipment and said they detected no unusual leakage while vehicle was parked. Diagnosed a duff battery so another Bosch HD battery fitted. Now find battery flat again.I do about 60- 100 miles a week and vehicle unused for 3- 4 days when I find the problem of lack of power to start.

Seems to me either (1) Power seeping from vehicle somewhere whilst stood - but see what Auto Lec told me above, OR (2) I am not doing sufficient mileage
to replace the energy lost through heating the glow plugs (diesel) and cranking the engine to start - just how long does it take to replace this power?

Your suggestions as to how to cure the problem would be appreciated. No comments needed on the quality of Landrovers please.
Re: Flat Battery - Help - David Woollard
Hello Harry,

I quite like the Discovery for it's undoubtable good points towing and off road. Also you can get anything for them from all the parts specialists.

We have discussed very similar batteryproblems before on the forum, try a search.

You need to check this out as a good HD battery should cope with your low useage, after all I expect my tractor to start after two months of no use in the winter. But there may be a clue there. My tractor is old and simple with nothing really to drain the system when it is left. You must have something that is causing excess drain despite the comments of auto electrician.

Further confirmation using the tractor as an example is that my generator is not charging at all at present so I keep an eye on the voltmeter and charge it up with a battery charger on the mains as the voltage creeps below 12V, and would you believe it will go over a week of use between charges without failing to start...glowplugs and all. This must amount to 30 starts or more.

What about the alarm, radio or interior lights. Could there be a problem of a fault/short causing the glow plugs to come on even when its parked?

I would double check the new battery isn't a duff one, check the alternator charge rate is OK then look for an odd discharge. You could leave one battery lead off for a week and if the battery has held then it rather proves the discharge point and you can look for it in more detail. This is usually done by removing a fuse at a time to pin down the culprit.


Re: Flat Battery - Help - Alvin Booth
I agree with David on all his points particularly the charge rate.
Before the days of alternators we had a problem with an HGV which was doing The same as yours but even worse.
This was an HGV and would not start even after a long run.
Replaced the cut out regulator. still the same.
Fitted new batteries. Still no joy.
Replaced the dynamo.
Wouldn't start next morning after a 150 mile journey.
Called at Lucas in Derby on the way home.
He simply checked the number on the cut out regulator box. Consulted his little reference book.
Walked into the stores and came out with a new one and fitted.
You were one number out he said on the cutout regulator, it was saying stop charging when the batteries were still only partly charged.
It would have been cheaper to have gone there in the first place.
I believe this is now built into the alternator but must be a similar piece of gubbins.


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