Amsoil - Shaz {p}
Does anyone know where to get hold of Amsoil oil in this country?
Have tried a few websites, but they do not stock very much of it, and also do not have different grades.

Also, looking to buy 5w40, or 0w40, perhaps even a 30 oil, fully synthetic, as long as it is suitable for diesels (most oils are, but you can get diesel specific also). Is the Comma brand oil ok? Have heard that it is not re-labelled brand, and that they add the additives/cleaning agents themselves.

Have used Halfords in the past, but this has gone up to about £27 5 litres, whereas the comma stuff is about £20.

Any other suggestions?. I know the amsoil is likely to be more expensive, but after reading the "motor oil bible" (, sounds like it is worth it. It has good comparatives of oils, and mobil does not rank as high as believed by some (which included me!).

Just thought it was interesting reading, just wanted to know what others think?

Cheers for any help.
Amsoil - robZilla
Halfords oil £27? I bought 5l of Castrol Magantec 10w40 (semi-syth) from Halfords last week for £17! They also stock the 5w40 fully-synth which costs a little more but not that much.
Amsoil - Peter
FWIW, you can GM 5/40 fully synth in Swindon for £19.95.
Amsoil - Aprilia
My local GM dealer will sell me 25l of fully-synth 5W-40 for £55 - they even delivered it!
Amsoil - robZilla
Interesting... is it 5x5l bottles or do they just drop a barrel on your doorstep ;) Will they sell just 5l at the same rate (pro-rata)?
Amsoil - Aprilia
25 Litre barrel on the doorstep (its not that big, actually).
Amsoil - robZilla
Thinking about it, I suppose not. I was thinking of 25 gallons :)
Amsoil - Cyd
Check out Demon Tweeks.
Amsoil - robZilla
Thanks Cyd. I used to visit Demon Tweeks when I lived up in Chester, but didn't know they had a website. Their price of £24.48 for 4.5l of Castrol Magnatec still can't beat the £17 I paid in Halfords last week (I think Halfords have a special offer on).

Unrelated, but if you live in the area, do you know about Demon Tyres (on the A41 between Chester and Whitchurch, about 5 miles south of Chester)? They are the cheapest tyre place I've ever found. Give 'em a call next time you need new tyres and see the difference (example: they quoted me £54 per corner including fitting, balancing and VAT for 4 Michelin Pilot Primacy. Next best quote I could find nationally was Micheldever in Hampshire who would do the same for £69 a corner - £60 saving!)
Amsoil - Cyd
I agree with you that DT are "less than cheap", but they do have lots of good stuff you can't get readily elsewhere - especially if you're after motorsport related items.

I recently used Jim Jeffrey tyres in Warrington. Got a set of four Goodyear F1s in 215/45ZR17 for £420.

Actually I live in south Leicestershire. the best prices for tyres round here is Britannia Tyres in Cov or Hinckley.
Amsoil - robZilla
Thanks Cyd. I now live in Warwickshire so I'll try Britannia in Coventry next time I'm in need of some rubber. Great price on the F1s by the way..
Amsoil - BrianH

To answer your question.

Performance Oils, Devon. Ring Chas Stafford on 01598 752782.

Seems to be the sole agent in this country for Amsoil.

If you go to bobistheoilguy web site then look up The Used Oil Analysis thread and look for Amsoil good or bad you should find it entertaining and vv good.

I am using an SJ 0/30 series 2000 Amsoil and getting 6000mls/litre on an engine at 154k. Lab. analysis has just given me a very good report (each 6 months) at 21k on the same oil.

Just waiting for the bang now. (I hope that is a joke).

You won't believe the UK price.
Amsoil - Shaz {p}
Thanks for that Brian.

Have been busy past few days so have been unable to ring up.
But have a few questions for you, if u could help plz.

I have been looking at the site you mentioned, and also read your message regarding your volvo.

Can you get the dual filters at the same place you mentioned? And can I get them for my car (citroen zx td)?

Also my car is a turbo diesel. What amsoil grade would you recommend, would the 0/30 series 2000 be ok, or should I go for the diesel spec (5/30 heavy duty deisel oil)?

Also having looked at the analysis on bobistheoilguy site, what is best way of getting a good analysis between oils and where in uk?

Again, any help much appreciated.
Amsoil - BrianH

Keep losing these posts.

Chas will have brochures on request, which will help you to select a size and location for these remote double filter systems. He will also advise on the type of oil for your engine. I took a lot of convincing on 0/30 but I am happy now.

The sample bottles come from Chas prepaid £10 These are then posted to Robinson's Labs. Wear Check in North Wales. takes 2/3 days. They then advise you on the results.

Best way to sample is using Amsoil's little brass tap which screws into the dual filter carrier.

Value my car