Faulty alternator - eve
Last year the alternator on my '94 Nissan Primera had to be replaced for the first time, along with the battery. In April of this year after only 14 months wear and 12000 miles I started to experience problems with the battery light coming on. I took the car back to the garage. They took a while to diagnose the fault, after testing various electical items, and then concluded the fault was with the new alternator, which was promptly replaced and the owner of the garage returned the car saying he would try to claim for the cost under the warranty whilst it had failed so soon after the 12 months. At this stage I was not entirely certain whether I would have wanted a new alternator fitted, as I would probably investigated buying a used one whilst the car is so old and the last new one lasted such a short time. Anyway as he had returned the car and seemed to have everything in hand I thought no more of it. This was back in April. Today I have received a bill for the new alternator, minus 30% discount - total £108.03, so presume he had no luck with the supply company in recovering the full amount (Unipart - I believe.)

Do you think this is acceptable? Am I just unfortunate or should the supply company/garage paid for the alternator in full? Is it usual for an alternator to fail after 14 months 12000 miles - the first one lasted 8 years and 105632 miles.


Faulty alternator - David Lacey
Tell him (If it is a Unipart Alternator) that they have a 2year warranty...........


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