Psoriasis - martinh
Help, my Camry's skin is peeling off!

There are several quite large patches at the edge of the bonnet where the clear varnish that overlays the maroon metallic paint has peeled away, leaving it a dull matt. It is quite unsightly.

What causes it this, and what is the remedy? Must the entire bonnet be refinished? Since this condition set in on my Toyota I have seen it on several other cars, not cheap ones either.

Any ideas anyone?
Psoriasis - Andrew-T
Has the car been repainted before? The edge of the bonnet is a likely place for a respray, and the lacquer coat may not have been done properly. My daughter's J-reg cherry-pink metallic 106 had a rash on the roof like you describe.
Psoriasis - Aprilia
I agree - poor respray is the likely culprit here.
Psoriasis - sajid
Have you tried top coat polisher??
Psoriasis - Alfafan {P}
Same thing happened on the roof and boot of my Alfa. Only solution was a respray I'm afraid. Tried all the other solutions, nothing worked for more than a day or two.


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