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Alarm on Xantia - peter charnley
I put my Xantia TDI in the garage and went away for two weeks. On my return the 12 month old battery was flat.On charging it the front lights came on and flashed. My friendly Citroen specialist explained that the alarm must have been triggered(there was no noise jut flashing headlamps) and he explained how to reset it. After this I have switched it off. He said they sometimes do this ? Should I leave the alarm of now. Anyone else had the problem?

Re: Alarm on Xantia - honest john
Tha battery must not have been fully charged when you put the car away. That's why the alarm system was able to drain it. Should have left the battery hooked up to a battery conditioning system such as the Airflow which keeps it fully charged, but no more.

Flat Batteries vs Alarms - Guy Lacey
Be *very* careful with alarms and flat batteries in general - especially Clifford devices. These are fitted with battery back-up sirens so the general summer routine, as experienced by yours truly, is as follows;

You leave the country;
Your Clifford alarm works wonders, warning thieves with the odd "please move away" etc;
The battery gradually loses its oomph;
The alarm senses this and sets of both sirens;
The battery fails and the main siren goes silent;
The battery back-up siren goes on and on and on (as it cannot "see" the Clifford ECU it assumes battery disconnection and will not stop after 30secs as the main siren does.)
Your neighbours go mental;
You return to find it wailing away and turn the battery back-up siren off;
You jump start your car to find you can drive it but cannot lock/unlock or stop the main siren from sounding.

This happened to me! There are two factors - 1. Never let the battery go flat as the alarm sees this as a thief disconnecting the battery; 2. Don't jump start the car! Jump starting will push a large current through the alarm and shock it into "safe" mode where it will simply alarm and not respond to the fob but will not immobilise! In this instance, the police caught me driving my Golf GTI with alarm sounding attempting to take the vehicle out of the village and into the hills to ponder over with ear defenders on!!! They recognised me so helped me cut the siren cables (along with most of the wiring loom as it is all in black cable!)

Once this has happened the only solution is to unplug the ECU (if you can find it) and charge the battery - then reconnect and it will reset.

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