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Just wondering if anyone can recommend a driving school/instructor in central Edinburgh. My sister has been learning in a Skoda (not sure of model), she has failed a couple of tests, not on anything major and she feels she is definitely ready for the test, as does the instrutor. However, he is always fully booked and makes her wait a couple of months until he will book her more lessons and allow her to take the test. She has had enough of him, he's not helpful at all.

She is a bit worried about starting in a different car but I think it will be better than waiting for him all the time, she's spent a fortune with him and I think he's ripping her off now, so if anyone knows of good instructor I would be grateful.
Help for a Learner - matt35 {P}

She might just be a terrible driver?

But, why don't you contact;

and have a chat with them?

As she has not yet got a licence she cannot join the IAM, but if you are lucky you might get some helpful advice from people who have no financial interest in what you describe, but may be able to give you some help.

Help for a Learner - Welliesorter
Do you mean your sister has to wait a couple of months for another test or do you mean her instructor won't even allow her to book a test for two months?

The DSA web site shows that 8 weeks is the waiting time for a test in Edinburgh. This is not as bad as in some parts of Britain. I had to wait a lot longer for my first test (in Leicester) at the beginning of this year. I was lucky to get a second test about seven weeks later.

If the instructor really is stalling, try which lists plenty of driving instructors in the area.

Incidentally, the Skoda is probably a Fabia. I learned in various Ford Fiestas but bought a Fabia because I found it to be a far more comfortable car as it has a supportive driver's seat and fully adjustable steering wheel.

Help for a Learner - Drivethru
Thanks welliesorter, I've passed the website address on to her.
She can get a test ok because she has been offered cancellations just a couple of weeks away, it's the driving instructor who is stalling, saying he's fully booked and he can't fit her in.

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