BMW 3 Series Exhaust Advice Please! - Blue {P}
The rear exhaust bracket on my dad's 1996 316i has finally rusted through leaving the exhaust to hang down a fair way. When putting it back on we realised that the silencer is also on it's last legs, some bits of it could be pulled off in our hands.

So, we're looking at puttin a new system from the cat back, or maybe even a total new system on, as the car is still on it's original exhaust and has been used ainly for short journeys, so in some ways it's a miracle that it lasted this long!

What would BR members recommend replacement wise? I was thinking a stainless steel system would be a good idea purely because we'll be keeping the car until it dies...

Anyone got any advice, or likely costs relating to fitting a stainless system?

Ta in advance

BMW 3 Series Exhaust Advice Please! - Aprilia
S/S is a bit of a luxury unless you are keeping it forever. Eberspacher or Ernst exhausts from EuroCarParts are pretty good quality and not too dear.
BMW 3 Series Exhaust Advice Please! - J.B.
My BM exhausts have always lasted about 8 years, pretty good i\'d say and they aren\'t an arm and a leg on the 4Plus scheme from your friendly BM main dealer. Give them a good old soaking in Waxoil (especially the mounts) and I bet they\'ll last longer than that. I know they rust from the inside mainly \'cos of short journeys, but it all helps.
P.s. Better keep the Waxoil off of the front really hot bits!!!
BMW 3 Series Exhaust Advice Please! - Dizzy {P}
My 5-Series exhaust lasted ten years (OE ones are in one piece from the rear of the catalyst backwards, service ones are in two pieces), then the back box started blowing. The back box was aluminised & double-skinned and extremely well made (extremely heavy as well!) so I bought a genuine BMW part. This cost a bit more but I knew it would fit and would last a long while.

I enquired about the expected life of the catalyst and was told that BMW catalysts usually last well over ten years. Mine is now 11 years old and passed another MoT last week.

Good stainless systems are very expensive. The cheaper ones are usually made from Hyform 409 which only just technically qualifies as stainless - and it isn't in practice!. They also crack easily if subjected to fatigue stress (like broken brackets!) and they are usually a bit noisier than mild steel systems.

In Blue Oval's case, I would fit a genuine BMW rear box or possibly one made by the makers that Aprilia mentioned. And I would not bother with replacing the catalyst - these are easily replaceable without damaging the rest of the system should the need arise. Likewise, I wouldn't renew the front part of the system - these usually have a very long life.
BMW 3 Series Exhaust Advice Please! - David Lacey
The sometimes odd and inferior noise from a stainless exhaust system puts me off..
BMW 3 Series Exhaust Advice Please! - Blue {P}
Thanks for the advice, I knew I could rely on the BR! :-)

We're gonna price an original BMW exhaust system from the cat backwards, the front part looks very clean so we think it should be OK.

The biggest problem on this car has been the steel brackets rusting through, amazing that the exhaust outlasted most of the brackets along the length of the system!

Not looking forward to reporting back the cost of a new BMW system supplied and fitted though! Is there anywhere other than the main dealers to have the job done?

BMW 3 Series Exhaust Advice Please! - David Lacey
I'd have no problems fitting a Bosal system - available readily at most motor factors
BMW 3 Series Exhaust Advice Please! - kal
My 318i new shape 1999 model is still on its original exhaust. car has done 42,000 km's. of course in Abu Dhabi it is very hot but also very humid.

Rgds, kal
BMW 3 Series Exhaust Advice Please! - Blue {P}
Hmm.. well that wasn't too bad actually, supplied and fitted by the main dealers from the cat back, it came to £169.20

Only £35 labour!!! :-)

BMW 3 Series Exhaust Advice Please! - J.B.
Thought you wouldn't think it was extortion. Good luck.
Ps I'd still reccomend waxoyl on the brackets at least.


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