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Punto oil light flickering - northender
The oil pressure light is flickering on my daughter's 1996 Punto 55S (1108cc engine with 60k on the clock), but revving the car doesn't seem to make any difference, it still flickers just the same whether at idle or warmed up.

In what order should I check out the fixes?

It's filled to the right level with oil, using 10w-40 as per the manual, but the Haynes manual states to use 15w-40, could this be part of the problem - too thin an oil?

What do I look for next, the oil pressure sensor, if so, where is it, the Haynes manual doesn't show it.

Any other things I should check first before getting a garage to look it over?
Punto oil light flickering - andy n
had the same problem with my punto, happily turned out to be a u/s px switch try fitting a new one they are cheap enough, if still "on" you will need to rig up a px gauge to check out (do not use car until diagnosed!)
Punto oil light flickering - Another John H
The oil pressure switch on a "FIRE" engine is on the lower lefthand end as you look into the bonnet from the front of the car. Towards the front of the car.
It has a spade/lucar push connector on the end - pull it off to see if your light goes out: prove it's not the wiring.
Switch is likley to be teens of UKP from a FIAT dealer.
Punto oil light flickering - northender
I took a look tonight based on the advice given & found out that the cambelt cover had come loose, the oil pressure sensor wire had been brushing against the camshaft wheel & was shorting the wire out.
Quick repair job on the wire, re-locate the cambelt cover & no oil light.
Thanks for the replies, won't have to help daughter out with big loan, errr more like gift .....students no money eh !!!
Punto oil light flickering - David Lacey
If the oil pressure were low, you would have been alerted to the fact by noisy hydraulic tappets.

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