Tipp Ex on car body - BobbyG
Anyone got any idea how to remove Tipp Ex from car bodywork? A schoolkid thought it funny to pour it down my friend's rear wing of his metallic Mondeo (M Reg).

You'll be glad to know he was caught and handed over to the police (12 year old)
Tipp Ex on car body - Miat
depends wot kinda tipex

u can get water soluable now

otherwise id take it to local friendly body shop
Tipp Ex on car body - Dynamic Dave
Petrol or white spirit should shift it. Polish paintwork afterwards though.
Tipp Ex on car body - sean
Car plan T-Cut will remove it, but dilute some first by application with a dripping wet cloth and very little T-Cut.
The danger is that modern car paint is water-based and neat T-Cut is a bit vigorous.

Have you tried just using a very wet sponge, applied several times with 5 mins delay between applications?
Tipp Ex on car body - BobbyG
I will try them all and let you know which works. Thanks for all your help
Tipp Ex on car body - BobbyG
The white spirit worked!

Thanks guys

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