E-Bay Auction - HisHonour {P}
I would be very interested to hear if anyone has experiences (good or bad) with buying or selling cars through E-Bay.
E-Bay Auction - outkast
although ive never bought a car from ebay ive followed a lot of auctions with interest as i was considering buying.
I went to see a car that looked good in the photos and sounded good in the description,when i got there it was another story....
The car was bodged,bumpers were screwed onto the body, elecs didnt all work etc.
Im not saying all cars are like this,infact the majority are probably ok,but there are the odd people who dont tell it like it is.
The same can be said for some garages.
If you want to bid GO AND SEE IT is the only answer.
E-Bay Auction - Glutton
Amongst many other things, I've have bought a couple of cars on ebay before.

My experiences have been excellent so far.

Make sure you ask plenty of questions, go and view the car and trust your instincts. If someone is cagey about responding to you, there is probably a reason for that. You can also filter out a lot of dodgy vehicles too - it seems the dodgier the vehicle, the more cagey the response.

Make sure you ask all the usual stuff, check that it has the V5 before you bid too. You find an awful lot of crud there, but there are some bargains to be had.

Also check out the reputation of the seller. A lot of serious sellers on ebay live or die by their feedback rating and won't want to sell a dodgy motor for fear of ruining their 100% record.

So take your time, ask away and see the vehicle, because there are some real bargains to be had.
E-Bay Auction - spoiler
I bought a mk2 golf gti off ebay & admit i never saw it before bidding. Got the car & it's a good example - no problems. The car was advertised as being in excellent condition - so i would have used this as my get-out clause if i had turned up & it had been a shed.

However, i doubt i would buy another car from ebay this way. If there was a car i was interested in, i would definately go & view it first before bidding.

If you bid on a car & don't want to buy it for whatever reason, you may get neg feedback, but who cares about that when you've not had to shell out for a heap! i doubt you would get taken to court & you could always say the ebay item's description was mis-leading\false.


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