David Lacey, a question for you - Mike200
As you probably know, I have a '98 Rover 200. Today, I wanted to have a look at the speakers in the front doors (3 dr). I was told that they were 17 cm by a Pioneer official dealer. Anyway, I had trouble getting the door panel off, couldn't get to the screws that held the door pull on, but from what I could see, they did not look like 17 cm, more like 13cm or 15cm.

My question is, what size speakers are in these doors? Also, should they have tweeters? as mine doesn't.

Thanks for any info.
David Lacey, a question for you - David Lacey

The door trim is easy to remove - you will need to prise the closing panel off the interior door handle to expose the screws - then the door trim will literally fall off after the other (obvious) fixings are released. Wind the window fully down to easy removal & refitting.

Tweeters (if fitted) will be in the interior door handle escutcheon - behind a grille.

The speakers are 17cm as far as I can recall...


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