Car valuation please? - Gazza
Just noticed that no longer provide free price valuation. Before I can find another price guide, would anyone valuate the following for me please?

BMW Saloon
Year: 1990 (G plate)
Model: 316i
Colour: Silver
MOT: August 2003
Tax: August 2003
Mileage: 103K

Car valuation please? - Gen
I suspect the price will go very much on condition and appearance. This almost more important than model/age/mileage in this case.

For a common car such as this best way to value may be to look at similar on

Sorry to say that the MOT is short and as such I would give you £500, if I wanted it.

Example from autotrader:

1988 BMW 316, 1988, F reg.
115000 miles, MoT May04, taxed, some history, alloys, f/f/s/r, good runner, alarm, front fogs, good condition, company car forces sale. £495 . ono.
Car valuation please? - Gazza
It is from a lecturer I know and she drives sensibly most of the time. I shall check the car out though.

Car valuation please? - Pat L

Value will be determined bt MOT as already mentioned, but also by the spec of the car - eg met paint, alloys, s/roof, elec windows, stereo etc. Also is it a 2 or 4 door? I think 4drs sell better (look better). Also service history is important.

As a guide my brother sold his E reg 318i 2dr with aftermarket alloys, cd/tuner and met paint for £750 last August. The car you're looking at would be £500-£800 dependent on factors mentioned.

Be fussy, there's lots of similar cars about so make sure it's the one for you. You may find the 316i a bit underpowered.

Hope this helps.


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