Need a new vacuum cleaner - primus 1

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well, today my trusty karcher vacuum expired as I was cleaning the car, a sad moment as we’ve been together for twenty years, after a short ceremony we gently lowered him into the bin, as I wipe away a tear I realise I need to look for his replacement, another karcher?, or something else, I like the look of the little nilfisk, but what do others use for car cleaning?, any recommendations?, I don’t want one of those cigarette lighter plug in thingy, as they have no oomph..and not too expensive

Need a new vacuum cleaner - Avant

It's a car vacuum so this section is fine.

Need a new vacuum cleaner - daveyjp

Our house vac is a Vax Airlift.

Ideal for the car as the dust collector and motor lift off the wheels so it can be stood in the car while being used. Cheap too, I think we only paid £100, its now about £120.

Need a new vacuum cleaner - _ORB_

I use our Hooray henry type industrial cleaner, Works well on dog hair too.

Need a new vacuum cleaner - focussed

If you can find a Lidl Parkside wet/dry vacuum they are brilliant.

I have had ours for ten years, it does everything, cleans the car out, use it with power tools for extraction including a router and sander, drains the plumbing down to fix leaks and taps, you can buy parts for them, the filter bags are huge and filter well.

We paid about £50 then and it's still going strong.

I even bought a set of motor brushes in case it needs them!

Need a new vacuum cleaner - primus 1

It’s also got to be small enough to fit in my garage storage cabinet

Need a new vacuum cleaner - gordonbennet

I bought a Black and Decker rechargeable thing few years ago, wouldn't recommend it, never found a car specific or portable sized machine to have the guts for anything like the amount dog hairs 3 mutleys can produce.

As above, Henry (our is a James) does the job superbly, or the Vax upright we also use does a fine job if its closer to hand when the need arises.

Need a new vacuum cleaner - paul 1963

I use our cordless Dyson, brilliant thing, you could suck start a leafblower with it! :)

Need a new vacuum cleaner - Steveieb

All the consumer reports rate the G tech which my partner bought. Seems to work well except I struggled to remove dog hairs from the carpet.

Need a new vacuum cleaner - Falkirk Bairn

A son has tried Black & Decker, Makita and for the last few years found the perfect answer.

His late Gran's VAX household vacuum - smallest one that cost £50 new and it will be coming up for 20 years old. Plenty sook and mains powered.

Need a new vacuum cleaner - Ethan Edwards

Dog hair. Oh my. Ours is a Foxhound cross 40kg. Hairs everywhere. Tried this along with a Dyson cordless. I have no link to this company and I bought mine from eBay. It's good on dog hair. Lily Brush.

Need a new vacuum cleaner - primus 1

We don’t have any pets or small kids so our car doesn’t get really messy, I have a dyson hand held cordless which is great for a quick vac round, but usually runs out of charge if I try and do the whole car ( usually when I’m halfway through) , and I end up having to get the bigger vac out anyway, the good news is , swimbo will buy me it for Christmas, so I’ve got her doing the research, I’ve noticed some come now with a blow setting which could be useful as well as a power take off to run other things, although I might not use that, anyhoo, as I said swimbo is on it now, and she leaves no stone unturned ( think columbo)..


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