Today's happy event - Andrew-T

While tidying up the fallen leaves on our forecourt this afternoon SWMBO asked me 'what's this piece of greasy metal?'. I had an idea what it might be, but first thoughts were that it might be from a visiting vehicle. Not my 306, which hasn't been out for a couple of weeks. Got out a piece of carpet to lie on, torch and mirror, located the culprit straight away - broken 8cm-diameter retaining clip from the outer CV boot on the 207. Booked in for Monday, the boot itself looks OK at a glance.

If SWMBO had just tossed it in the bin, nothing might have been done until MoT next April ....

Today's happy event - John F

Wouldn't a cable tie do? Or jubilee clip?

Today's happy event - gordonbennet

Indeed, i use those really heavy duty cable ties, probably 10mm wide, you can get them just as tight as metal clips and the work of seconds to snip and replace for the odd repack of grease.

Easy to replace in situ too, where you need to be the india rubber man to get metal clips on without removing the hub at least.

Today's happy event - Andrew-T

I don't think so, as there isn't much clearance for rotation inside the hub carrier. Plus I'm not sure how long grease may have been escaping before the factory-installed ring was dislodged, so it will need repacking. I shall have the wheel off today for a better look.

UPDATE - I've had a proper look: some grease is spattered inside the alloys, which I have removed, and there is more in the immediate vicinity of the CV joint, so I guess it may be a week or two since the clip failed. Gaiter looks good, and a large cable-tie (I have some) might well fit, but as repacking is needed I'll let those with proper equipment do it. Won't cost the earth, or even a small continent.

FINAL - done today, £20 + VAT. Happy with that.

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