306 jumps back out of third gear! - Hawesy1982
Hi everyone,
I have literally just bought my first car, an M reg Peugeot 306 D Turbo, but already i have found my first problem - quite often the gear stick will jump out of third (and occasionally first) gear and into neutral, at seemingly random moments.

The car drives beautifully when the gears are fully engaged, but obviously this problem is making my daily commute (through the town centre) into even more of an effort than it already is! I straight away went out and got a haynes manual, and i think the problem is due to either the gear linkage being worn/bent, or, more worryingly for my wallet, the synchroniser unit.

Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted, aswell as possible costs to repair.


306 jumps back out of third gear! - JohnD
Do the cheap option first! You should find in your Haynes book measurements for the link rods. Get the car jacked up so that you can get under the centre. Before going underneath, you must put in some support other than the jack. Check the rods for deformity, then check the lengths against the spec. in your book.
306 jumps back out of third gear! - Railroad
Sounds more likely 1st & 3rd Synchrohubs and cones. If you are going to strip the gearbox to renew them you may be wise to consider doing 2nd, 4th & 5th too.

In fact by the time you've done all that it may be cheaper to fit an exchange gearbox.
306 jumps back out of third gear! - David Lacey
My thoughts exactly....gearbox parts are expensive; a reconditioned 'box with a warranty makes more sense most of the time.
306 jumps back out of third gear! - Fullchat
I too had a 405 with the same engine/gearbox. Slightly crunched 3rd one day and then it started jumping out of 3rd. I'd agree' if you like the car and are going to keep it recon box and perhaps a clutch and cable. Dont forget the bellhousing pivot bushes. It will be like a new car!

306 jumps back out of third gear! - Hawesy1982

Thanks for the advice, i guess i'd better consider that new gearbox then, any advice as to where to find a reconditioned one cheaply? And how much? Also would it be conceivable to do the job myself? I haven't had much experience with cars before but im fairly DIY-minded otherwise, and ideally i want to save all the labour costs i can!
306 jumps back out of third gear! - M.M

OK so it could be a replacement gearbox needed....

But first get the car up on ramps and carefully check the whole gearchange rod linkage system. As John D says look at the rod lengths and very important also to check that *every* rod end balljoint is free.

If they seize it will do exactly as you describe and the repair is only 10mins with WD40 followed by grease.

Now suppose you ignore the above and find a transmission specialist saying you're sure it needs a new box. Well he'd be happy to oblige and of course at the time of fitting they'd lubricate the balljoint so you'd never know the transmission was actually OK all the time.

Believe me it happens!

306 jumps back out of third gear! - Hawesy1982
Thanks M.M,

just been flicking through the archives and discovered a few other people with similar problems being advised to do the same, so i think i'll a bit of hands-on diagnosis myself before i part with too much cash. Apparently it could even be a worn clutch cable causing some of my grief?

I'll post an update soon


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