new clio and corsa? - Andy22
2 questions, is the clio still scheduled for a 2003 release as i'm considering buying a new one in august and don't want to end up with the old model?

any one thoughts on the new corsa in comparison to the new micra for instance, as the corase (sxi) looks a ton better but has less features. any one have a new corsa or new micra?
new clio and corsa? - Victorbox
I think the Corsa is the best looking small car on the market, despite the design being out for over 2 years. Our new Corsa is the best screwed together car we've purchased with not one defective part, build problem or breakage in the first 10 months.
new clio and corsa? - Andy22
had a hire car corsa and the clutch was a bit squeeky, thats why i ask.

any news on the clio?
new clio and corsa? - AndyG
bought a new Clio from dealers name deleted last month and it broke down after 3 weeks, having to be towed back to the dealers, who have been absolutely appalling in how they are handling this - I am rejecting the car, which also came with the interior trim partially incorrectly fitted.

Naming and shaming is not permitted. Sorry. DD

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