Which convertible? - simonjc
My partners wants a convertible that is fairly new (2/3 years), and not too expensive to insure and run. It must have space for two toddlers. She has £11K to spend. She is very keen on 206cc which I don't think has enough space - but she sits fairly close to the wheel so thinks the two bucket seats in the back will be OK for the short journeys she does. Only other alternative I can think of is a Megane which at least has a proper rear seat. Anyone got any views / suggestions?
Which convertible? - Jase
Hello simonjc,

Off the top of my head I would think that the Vauxhall Astra convertible would be in the price range. I think this would be better than the Megane. The Pug CC is a little small and with all the kit you need with toddlers, is the boot going to be big enough?

Other four seater convertibles, within your parameters, that I can think of include:

VW Golf
Saab 900 (at a push?)

Alternatively you could consider an old shape E class convertible. This would hold its value well and is noticeably larger and more spacious. Might cost a few quid more to run, but depreciation is your biggest cost remember.
Which convertible? - simonjc

Thanks for that. Boot space in 206cc is the same as hatch with the hood up which is what we have at the moment. Golf off the pace in terms of style and dynamics. Astra a possibility provided the new model is within budget. Saab too expensive to insure.

Which convertible? - Ian (Cape Town)
With all respect, simon, I wouldn't put a toddler in a ragtop under ANY circumstance.
Which convertible? - peterb
If the toddlers are growing, you'll probably need to get rid of the 206CC in just a year or two given the tiny rear seats.

The Vauxhall will probably be more reliable than the Pug, while Renaults tend to score well for safety.


PS Make sure you cover their heads!


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