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I am thinking of purchasing an Volvo C70 T5, since I do a lot of motorway driving and like a good value car. As they seem to be around 10-13k for a 2yr old with 30k miles on. And I currently do around 25-35k PA and my company I work for give me 13.5p per mile.

My question is do LPG converstions work well with turbo cars?, A lot of discussitions I have seen are on V8 or V6's.

Is there any reasons why a high pressure turbo sould not be converted?

Also I belive that there is a new generation III, were performance and fuel economy is not lost?

I have also spoken to my insurance company who have put a very little extra cost on this car been converted to LPG.

Many thanks

LPG Conversion on a Volvo - Steve S

I have a C70 T5 it gives me 27 mpg on mainly motorway driving. I can't believe that LPG would give me much reduction in cost, certainly not enough to justify converting it.

Just a thought, but if your motoring is away from London you might have problems finding a pump. IMO LPG for anything other than real guzzlers isn't worth it unless the conversion comes with the vehicle.

Even then if a premium on the purchase price is being asked, I'd hesitate.
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If you're only getting 13p from your company for private mileage, I think you can claim some tax back from the Inland Revenue because you're getting paid less than the IR approved rates of 40p or so a mile.

Talk to an accountant or try and make head or tail of www.inlandrevenue.gov.uk

LPG Conversion on a Volvo - bigboyq

I was aware of that factor, but I can only claim after April 2004?

I belive its 40ppm for the first 10k then 25ppm thereafter

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If you use your own car for business use and get paid less than the IR approved rates per mile [now called Approved Mileage Rate, but previously called a variety of other things] you can claim a deduction from your income.

You can still claim for 1997/98 and later years, simply provide evidence of your business mileage and the amount that you received from your employer. The rates have varied but you should be able to get a significant refund.

As an aside the IR view of business mileage can be more generous than most employers. So it may be worth checking that as well.
The Answer to Convert a C70 T5 to LPG - bigboyq

And thanks to those who posted to my ealrier question. But I thought I would inform you of my decision.

After speeking too a couple of firms and asking probing questions - I have come to a decison.

Apprently the V70 is an approved car for the powershift grant, which give grants to convert cars to become more GREEN!.

The V70 t5 is on this list, however it seems to be quite a new model. I have also found a Guarage that has converted V70 t5 in the past. Which is virtually a c70.

So I am able to convert a C70 T5, and there are no isses it been a High pressure turbo.

The converstion cost £1100, VAT with a government approved LPG gaurage.


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