Help - Indecision! - Mattster
I need a quick car and have up to £15,000 to spend. Ideally, this one should be able to last me for 3-5 years, so it needs to be solid and reliable (I just got rid of an Alfa 156 - eeuggh!)

I made my mind up on a nearly new Civic Type-R with aircon from a broker. Then I started wondering if the lack of toys and comfort would begin to grate after a while. I've half considered a Type-S - £3,000 cheaper, group 11 insurance, 5 doors and still reasonably quick. But it's not the same....

Other cars I've considered have been the Leon Cupra - rejected due to the new model coming out later this year which is gorgeous and dates the current model (also some worries about the reliability of the 1.8 20V engine). Various Golfs such as the 1.8T GTi or the V5 - overpriced and a bit dated. MR2, but I'd be laughed at by my S2000 wielding mates. Celica, but it's not fast enough for what it is supposed to be.

Now I'm thinking 2-3 year old BMW 323i or 328i from Great Trade Centre - still in warranty so less worry about something going wrong(?) or 3-4 year old from BMW Approved. But then I started thinking about what it might be worth in 3 years and figured £7,000 - £8,000 compared to the Type-R which might retain £10,000.

Can any readers help shift my indecision by suggesting anything I've missed, by pointing out any inaccuracies in my thoughts!
Help - Indecision! - Pugugly {P}
Notwithstanding the comments about BMWs and their drivers on this site and other places, they are rewarding cars to drive and own. I have owned a series of 3s from when I first got a job to more recently leased vehilces. Due to an error by my leasing company I ended up with a 5 series a couple of months ago.They are fine cars (and I have driven a variety of other makes on a regular basis by the way) but go for an SE at least to guarantee some kit. My last three hae been diesels and are superb. If you can put up with the third party hassles of owning one, buy one.
Help - Indecision! - mlj
Would an Octavia RS be a silly suggestion?
Help - Indecision! - DavidHM
Maybe not, but like most of the cars in this category, it's up for replacement soon - Focus ST170, Astra Turbo (ahem!), Leon, Golf, etc. The only one that's not is the Fiat Stilo and the less said about that the better. I'd possibly try and find a nearly new Leon Cupra R, forget about the replacement, and have fun with it - or put up with the lack of cosetting in the Civic.
Help - Indecision! - AR-CoolC

What about a nearly new Scooby, lots of kit goes like stink, and as long as you don't put too many add-ons on, it will be a great every day car.

Or, do some searching and find an Elise !! ( lets face it we all want one )
Help - Indecision! - Jase
Go and drive a few cars and then decide. You've suggested lots of different body and engine styles so far so it sounds like you're undecided and still open minded.

Have to disagree with DavidHM on one point though. I'm not sure you'll get any Cupra R for £15K yet, but you could get a new Cupra and they are still very fast and fantastic fun (I've just bought one!).

Good luck in your test drives and keep us posted.
Help - Indecision! - Burnout2
The Impreza is a great car in many ways - fast and nimble yet reasonably refined and comfortable; certainly liveable-with as everyday transport. The major problem is the stinging Group 19+ insurance, so much depends on your personal circumstances.

Having driven the Civic recently, I personally find it a bit too noisy and hard-riding. Not unacceptably so, but if you do plenty of motorway miles (as I do) then there are better choices. It's very easy to drive around town, but effortless grunt is not on the agenda.

Despite the depressing ubiquity of the 3-series, it's still a damn fine car, and dynamically it hasn't dated at all. We have a '99 year 328i in the family, and it's a great all-rounder and surprisingly cheap to run. It's also pretty anonymous, so unlike the Civic and Impreza is a fine device for high speed stealth cruising.

It also continues to drive in a way which suggests that these cars stand up well to high mileages. An example in your price range will be unlikely to have much if any warranty remaining though.
Help - Indecision! - Mattster
I'd love the performance of the Scooby I'm sure, but want the best of both worlds - something which isn't going to break the bank and will be reliable, as well as being fun. Plus group 17 insurance is about the most I'm prepared to pay (until I'm earning more!)
Help - Indecision! - DavidHM
Don't worry about reliability on a Scooby. The big problem is that, even from a supermarket, a new shape is not a £15k car but you will be on very friendly terms with the cute girl in the filling station who sells donuts. I think routine maintenance is a bit on the high side too - frequent and expensive.

A Leon R, for that matter, isn't a £15k car but they can be had for £15819 from or about £500 more than a discounted price for a Civic.


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