65 Plate VW Golf Sportsvan 1 litre 3 cylinder TSI - Aftermarket Dual mass clutch and flywheel unit - Greybeard Eccosse

garage has just replaced my clutch on my S/H Golf after 48,000 miles, (3000 approx mine) however they have commented on invoice that Dual Mass flywheel has slight play and when quizzed about this comment said "had it been a diesel they would have had to have changed the flywheel as well, but it should be fine" the garage advised me that as there are no aftermarket parts available yet for this engine so they had to purchase the clutch unit, lever and bearing from VW spares at a cost in excess of £300 + VAT!.

.Yes the clutch has been repaired but you have to treat it with kid gloves or it goes in with a "bump" and.mentally having to drive with the fear of lumps of metal and plastic at the best whirring around within the bell housing or at worst spewing out on to the road in the middle of some dark and distant glen at dark o'clock hardly reassuring! My immediate reaction would have normally been, go buy one and I'll pay for it and we can do a deal on the labour but with the VW Dual Mass Flywheel part costing more than the original job makes it really hard to swallow especially as VW claim these flywheels should be good for 125,000 miles.

if there is an aftermarket part, non VW that would be less expensive, can anyone tell me? and could it be fitted to the already fitted new VW bits or would I be better to replace the complete flywheel and clutch parts for continuity. . First car a Y type Ford and well over a million miles driven so not a newcomer to this game!


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