Car with Full length Sunroof - puntoo
I have decided to ditch the Punto and get a different car.

The one that I have seen is a Polo "Open" which has a full length electric sunroof (well its that black stuff that the make cabriolet hoods out of I think). Having driven one a few years back I was very impressed.

However getting hold of one from a vw dealer is like pulling hens teeth.

So the question is are there any other small to medium size hatchback cars that have a full length sunroof fitted as standard. Car can be second hand and less than £7000.

I dont want a Cabriolet/2cv/targa top just a car with a full length sunroof.

Car with Full length Sunroof - J500ANT
They do a Ka special edition with a full length canvas jobbie, and also there is/was the same option on the Corsa Life special edition (and possibly on the Active model too). And the Picasso & Berlingo had one as an option too!

Or you could contact Webasto who make these things and see what they charge to put one in!


Car with Full length Sunroof - DavidHM
They did a special edition Mini with one called the British Open about 10 years ago. They revived the idea about three years ago on the Cooper 500 limited edition - and while I love Minis, I wouldn't recommend them as an everyday car. However, I know that the going rate for a full length sunroof conversion is about £1k, so that should give you an idea.

My advice (given availability) would be to look for a Polo Open Air. There are 44 in AutoTrader from £3k to £6k - or you could buy a normal one and get it converted. Overwhelmingly they are the pre-facelift version so make more sense the cheaper they are.
Car with Full length Sunroof - mmm-five
Are you looking for a new car or a second hand one?

What about a Citroën C3 Pluriel which does convertible, targa, hatch, coupe, pick-up or open top!

Alternatively the Polo, Lupo & Ibiza range were available with the 'open air' optional extra which is just the full length fabric roof.

There is also Fiat Stilo with a full length sunroof (skywindow), but this is folding glass.

If you don't mind the styling then the Berlingo Multispace is available with a full-length cloth/plastic/material sunroof as well.
Car with Full length Sunroof - king arthur
Road test of Pluriel on this site. No need to look

For the car or the road test?
Car with Full length Sunroof - puntoo
Pluriel looks very nice, but its way over budget.

Already have a people carrier. The Ka could be a possibility though they were only 2000 made (seat ibiza was only 200 !!) and I cant find any lupo or arosa with the full length sunroof though I am sure that I have seen them about (none in autotrader).

but... I think that it will still be an Openair Polo.

Thanks for the info


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