Dodgy central locking. - Michael Thomas
I tried to close my car up using the remote central locking fob and the driver's door wouldn't lock. I tried it a few times but I didn't have any joy. If I use the key, the central locking on all four doors works fine. Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be?

The car is a Rover 620.
Re: Dodgy central locking. - Michael
flat battery in remote control fob?
Re: Dodgy central locking. - Michael Thomas
Sorry, I should have added that only the driver's door doesn't work using the fob, the other three doors are ok. The battery in the fob is a month old.
Re: Dodgy central locking. - Darcy Kitchin
Can you lock all 4 doors using the key from the passenger side?

May be the solenoid in the drivers door is faulty; using the key you do the job the solenoid would do if the key fob was activated.

Had identical problem on an old Citroen CX (the car with the world's noisiest central locking)

Good luck.
Holidays. - D J Woollard
Hello Darcy,

How was the jetski holiday?

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Fabulous, thanks. Only place we've been where the whole family unanimously want to go back, but in a different jetski.
Back to the subject.. - David Lacey
It is either a door lock motor problem - quite common on this model.

It could be a wiring or connector fault within the door itself.

I would visualy check the wiring etc within the door, then replace the motor.
Perhaps plug the new motor in to the loom and confirm it works before stripping the door latch assembly out.

Don't go poking around with the wiring if you're not confident; the Valeo CDL/Alarm ECU (in the boot) is easily damaged and is expensive.


Re: Back to the subject.. - Ian Cook
If only one of the doors doesn't lock then the following is probably not relevant, but it is germain to the subject.

Whilst in Scotland earlier this month I had a curious problem with the remote central locking on the Xantia HDi. Operating the plipper caused all doors to lock, and then immediately unlock. This routinely happens if I've left a door ajar, or haven't closed the boot properly, but this was not the case here. The doors locked OK with the key.

To cut a short story long, the problem was caused by a loose internal trim panel on the top of the driver's door, which was obviously putting a slight strain on the internal door lock button, and the alarm system "thought" that a door was still open. Easy to fix, but frustrtrating to diagnose.

Anyway, job done.
Re: Back to the subject.. - Michael Thomas
Thanks Darcy, I tried to open it from the passenger door and the driver lock stayed down so it looks as if the motor's kaput.

Spoke to the parts department and they concurred with David, it's a common fault on an aging 600. About 45 notes for a new one. Incidentally, first thing to go wrong with the car in four years of ownership. Ironically, I was thinking of chopping it during September for a 75. Great Trade Centre in White City has a few to choose from.

Shouldn't be a problem to replace, fortunately I'm becoming a dab hand with removing the door trims. New door speakers and the glass slipped out of its guides once.

Cheers guys for your help.

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